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Incase iPad Book Jacket - Black

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The Incase iPad Book Jacket - Black has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Incase iPad Book Jacket - Black

  • Weight 0.25 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Probably the coolest iPad accessory on the market, the Incase Book Jacket offers complete iPad protection in a modern, portfolio-style design. Constructed of durable faux-leather, the Book Jacket gives you a comfortable book-style reading experience and features a sueded interior for added scratch protection. A secure elastic closure ensures your iPad Multi-Touch screen stays protected when you're on the move.

  • Designed specifically for the original Apple iPad
  • Complete iPad protection
  • Secure elastic band closure
  • Direct access to all device features
  • The front cover folds back completely to provide a comfortable desktop typing angle

Customer Reviews

  • “Incase Ipad cover. I was looking for an ipad cover at a reasonable price , the rushfaster people had just what i was looking for a durable case that is black and tidy as an accounant. I did not want anything that was too loud -it was easy to fit the ipad and the closing mechanism is easy to use. I really like the lining which combined with the cover and the price was the primary selling points. I feel i got good value and the goods were delivered very quickly. I am very happy with my purchase and would certianly recommend rushfaster. Com. Au to anyone looking for this sort of product.”
    Julie D from Willetton, WA, Australia
  • “. Best service i have had online. Immediate delivery and kept in contact. Product meet requirements and description. Thank you.”
    Jamie J from Manjimup, WA, Australia
  • “Just as it was described! I love the jacket, which is both sleek and functional. I chose it over other options because it protected the ipad all around, not just the edges. If the ipad could talk, i'm sure it would say it felt both safe and comfortable (and handsome)! I have three boys who love using the ipad as well, and the elastic band hasnt had trouble with that! The only improvement i could think of was a pocket or something to hold cloth to wipe the screen with, but that is minor in the whole scheme of things.”
    Donna L from Glenwood, NSW, Australia
  • “Good buy. Does exactly what it says it will. Provides good protection while still allowing full access to the screen and buttons & ports on the side. Good buy.”
    Fiona L from Darwin, NT, Australia
  • “Exactly what I had been looking for. I had looked in departments stores for something like this for ages. It's perfect to protect your ippad and looks great!”
    Paul H from Milton, QLD, Australia
  • “How to stop being judged. When i first bought an ipad, people kept telling me i was wasting my money, or that i was getting paid too much or that i should really shave my beard off as it makes me look too creepy. But then i bought the boom jacket and people stopped seeing the ipad as a wanky toy, and they now saw it hidden inside a moleskine-looking case which they wanted to touch, open and play with. I previously had the apple case, the one that feels like an air mattress and collects dirt and grime faster than a second-year uni student who wants to give dreads a go. Whilst it was functional, it was horrid to touch and the new book jacket feels lovely, and it can also be propped up so i can watch all those torrented shows i want to from the comfort of someones bedroom. If the book jacket had any flaws, it would have to be that it has an overly strong plasticky smell for the first week or so, but once that passes, it's no smellier than me. (this review written on an ipad, so blame apple door any and all spelling errors).”
    James R from Dunlop, ACT, Australia
  • “Best iPad cover!!! Great general purpose cover for ipad. Protects the ipad as well as looking stylish and sleek. Definitely recommend for any ipad owner.”
    Michael G from DIANELLA, WA, Australia
  • “A Great Case. This case is great. Looks good, stitching is done well and everything is accessible. The only negative is that my ipad slides about 5mm back to the centre making some of the ports inaccessible, which means a quick push back in... Apart from that, perfect!”
    Troy J from Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD, Australia
  • “Love it. Love it! Nice - slightly different and very good quality jacket.”
    Joy N from Milton, QLD, Australia
  • “Pretty good, but not perfect. Certainly seems to protect the ipad well, and i like the moleskine-esque look of it. Great for standing up vertically, and provides a bit of height on the horizontal. Only 2 minor problems: 1. It's not a perfect fit, and does require a bit of moving around to access ports. 2. The wave pattern on the inside cover can sometimes leave a slight impression on the ipad's screen, but it's no worse than the million finger prints. Overall, i'm quite happy with the purchase and, as always, very happy with rushfaster's super-fast service and delivery.”
    Nat B from Weston, ACT, Australia