Incase iPad 2 Magazine Jacket - Carnation Pink

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The Incase iPad 2 Magazine Jacket - Carnation Pink has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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  • External Dimensions 25 x 20 x 0.5 cm
  • Weight 0.15 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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Don't let the new shorter name fool you. Incase have redesigned their famous Convertible Magazine Jacket for Apple's iPad 2. Now dubbed simply the Magazine Jacket, it offers complete iPad 2 protection and stand functions in a very low profile design. The durable hardshell case protects your iPad 2’s back and sides while the front flap keeps the screen safe from scratches. Fold back the screen cover, and the Magazine Jacket converts into a stand with two viewing angles and one working angle that’s perfect for typing. Even better, they’ve added a precision-cut camera hole so you can take pictures while keeping your iPad 2 protected. The Magazine Jacket is the slimmest, most versatile case for your iPad 2.

  • Designed specifically for the Apple iPad 2 only. Does not fit iPad 3.
  • Super-thin travel case opens to function as a stand
  • Two viewing angles and one working angle
  • Protective screen flap with rubberized exterior
  • Durable hardshell construction
  • Protective flap with rubberised exterior
  • Easy snap-on attachment
  • Secure elastic band closure
  • Camera lens cutout
  • Direct access to all iPad 2 features and ports

Customer Reviews

  • “Brilliant. This case is everything that's advertised. Smart, tough, secure and it keeps my ipad safe. Love it!”
    Simon F from Campania, TAS, Australia
  • “Brilliant 5stars. 100% recomended, the best, fast, very reliable and you get what you pay for.”
    Oday T from Thomastown, VIC, Australia
  • “Great investment! If you had to buy anything to go with your ipad2, it's this cover. It protects the screen and provides a great stand. It also protects the back of the ipad2 for any mishaps that might happen.”
    THARANI M from TRANMERE, SA, Australia
  • “Brilliant, simply brilliant. I chose this case as i wanted protection for the back of my ipad2 that the smart cover doesn't provide. This more than fits the bill and with the additional third viewing level and the ultra-secure strap for transit, this skinny case is the best ipad2 case by far.”
    Karen A from West Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia
  • “iPad Cover. Such a rad slim cover that protects all your ipad. Love it.”
    Ralph R from Windsor, VIC, Australia
  • “Absolutely brilliant! After reading some reviews regarding the official apple 'smart cover', i decided that something with back protection and proper fitting to my ipad would be the best way to go. The magazine jacket is spot on. It protects the back, leaves all buttons & camera holes open and usable and holds on tight to the ipad! It is very sturdy when the cover is folded behind for display or typing, plus makes it really nice to hold. The strap that holds the lid closed does the job well, and is sturdy enough so the lid won't shift if you dump it in your bag. If you want the 'auto on' function that the official smart cover gives you, you'll need to look elsewhere, but this offering from incase surpasses anything else on offer.”
    Jarrod R from Horsham, VIC, Australia
  • “Incase for iPad 2. Recommendation to purchase this item followed review of the various on-line assessments of the case options available for the ipad2. The item has so far lived up to it's reputation as the best accessory currently available on the market.”
    Simon B from Cottesloe, WA, Australia
  • “ipad2 case. Came so fast , i did not even have the ipad to put in it yet. Great service.”
    Derek S from Albert Park, VIC, Australia