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Griffin Elan Form 3G & 3Gs iPhone Case - Black

The Griffin Elan Form 3G & 3Gs iPhone Case - Black has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Griffin Elan Form 3G & 3Gs iPhone Case - Black

  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Material Top Grain Leather
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Read the Elan Form's review on iLounge.

Elan Form's simple two-piece shell snaps snug around your iPhone. This slender shell's design bonds top-grain leather to hard-shell polycarbonate to encase your iPhone in two layers of protection.

Elan Form for iPhone 3G features our new EasyDock design. Like the name says, EasyDock makes it easier to dock, charge and sync your iPhone. There's no need to remove your iPhone from the case. Just slide the lower section of the case off to charge or sync, then slide it back on when you're done.

  • Custom designed to fit the iPhone
  • Slim design makes it easy to slip into pocket
  • EasyDock makes it easier to dock, charge and sync your iPhone

Customer Reviews

  • “. Great product and fantastic service as usual.”
    LEIGH M from KELVIN GROVE, QLD, Australia
  • “. Awesome case, fits like a glove, protects your iphone really well and looks great.”
    Bryce F from Gymea, NSW, Australia
  • “Excellent iPhone protection. I purchased tw of these elan iphone cases - for my wife and myself. They provide excellent protection fo our iphones and alos look very smart.”
    Ralph S from Currambine, WA, Australia
  • “elan form case iphone 3g. Nice and tuff, screen protector sticks to screen in some spots making it look bubbly though.”
    John A from Traralogon, VIC, Australia
  • “Nice looking case, care in build quality not the best. This case is very easy to install the iphone into. Make sure though that you clean the iphone and the case of any dust before putting it all together otherwise you may end up scratching the iphone. There is enough clearance around the headphone jack to use third party ones, something that a lot of other manufacturers have seem to have forgotten about. Unfortunately my particular case as supplied has a visible crease in the material on the back of it so its not a uniform style all over. This is an obvious manufacturing fault, but not quite worth sending it back for, just disappointing thats all. How the 'leather' is applied to the hard shell doesn't quite fit in the corners in a few places but this is hardly noticeable unless you inspect it quite closely. The screen protectors supplied are not that impressive being of a hard plastic design, i highly recommend the gecko protector ones as they are of a much better design, and the case fits fine with the gecko one already installed first. Still, the case does serve its purpose as it protects the iphone very well and overall looks a lot more stylish that most of the other cases available, particularly those available at traditional retail stores. Recomended case, hopefully you wont get one with a crease in the 'leather'.”
    Mark T from Eatons Hill, QLD, Australia
  • “Love it! When i finally got the elan form 3g iphone case, i ripped it out of the packaging and placed my phone in it immediately! It fit perfectly and means now i can be a little rougher with my iphone and not have to worry about scratches and knocks. I love that the bottom of the case comes off so i can just pop it in my dock without having to remove the whole case (not like it's hard, unlike some other cases). Best thing, it barely looks like i've got a case at all. Very happy customer!”
    Erin S from Grange, QLD, Australia
  • “Slim and good protection. Not as chunky as some of the other cases available. Offers great protection. Access to buttons and earphone jacks is good. Overall a well designed case. Would have given 5 out of 5 except that i felt the "leather" seemed a little cheap, the screen protector provided is next to useless, and (like many other cases) it hides the sexy chrome bevel of the iphone. Other than that have dropped it once and felt it was well protected.”
    Chong Ly H from Newington, NSW, Australia