Dosh Wallets Embossed 6 Card Wallet - Colony

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The Dosh Wallets Embossed 6 Card Wallet - Colony has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Dosh Wallets Embossed 6 Card Wallet - Colony

  • External Dimensions 11 x 6.8 x 1.3 cm
  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Material Polymer
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

The 6-card Dosh is ideal for the person on the move. Dosh wallet’s patented designs are moulded in Desmopan®, are a highly durable, water-resistance polymer material with a luxurious soft feel. Handcrafted from high grade stainless steel, the money clip is positioned on the spine ensuring no disorganisation or a fumbling first date fiasco.

The special edition embossed range consists of three distinctive models; Cubic, Grid and Colony.

  • 6 card quick access area for safely storing credit cards, driving licence and other magnetic cards
  • Handcrafted stainless steel money clip
  • Suitable for AUD and USD
  • Compact streamline shape
  • Made with thermoplastic polyurethane material that is durable and water resistant
  • Super durable and hard wearing
  • Comes in pod style packaging, making it a great gift
  • 100% recyclable material

Customer Reviews

  • “Fantastic Minimalist Wallet! Slimmed down to this to force myself to carry less cards and stop snapping cards in my legacy "costanza" style fat wallet. Took a little time to adjust to, but the reduction in bulk and carrying just what i need is great. Good construction and stylish!”
    Chris R from Concord, NSW, Australia
  • “Pretty cool wallet. 2nd dosh wallet i have bought - they are great, super cool and i don\'t think he would ever buy another wallet :).”
    Grace S from DRYSDALE, VIC, Australia
  • “Great tough wallet that will not bend your cards. Great service. Shipped virtually just after it was ordered with tracking emails sent until i received the wallet. I will definately be coming back to rushfaster for further purchases.”
    Lynne H from MURRAY BRIDGE EAST, SA, Australia
  • “simple. But now i have coins in my pocket.”
    adrian w from SEVEN HILLS, NSW, Australia
  • “Great product! My friends could not take their eyes off this wallet. Just handy and sleek!”
    Trung Hieu N from North Melbourne, VIC, Australia