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Dosh Wallets Dosh Wallet - Chocolate

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The Dosh Wallets Dosh Wallet - Chocolate has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Dosh Wallets Dosh Wallet - Chocolate

  • External Dimensions 12.00 x 9.800 x 1.300 cm
  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

The Dosh wallet is designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia. The unique blend of flexible and semi-flexible polymers created a wallet that is durable, stylish, and packed with clever features for modern lifestyles. The patented design consists of purpose designed areas for storage of credit cards, notes, coins, as well as a unique integrated compartment for items including sim cards, keys, condoms and security cards. All of these features are packaged in a funky form that is moulded in a range of vivid contemporary colours.

  • Bank note area accomodates all currencies including US dollar and Euro notes.
  • Unique integrated compartment designed for storing business cards, keys, condoms and security cards.
  • Quick access area for safely storing credit cards, driving licence and other magnetic cards.
  • Made with thermoplastic polyurethane material that is durable and water resistant.

Customer Reviews

  • “Plastic Wallet. I like the material of what is made this very original wallet. It is very simple and minimalist, i like it, the only things about i am disappointed is the little box for coins and keys, usually the thing comes out from that box..... Is not safe!”
    Diego B from Wilston, QLD, Australia
  • “Rushfaster = great; Dosh Wallet = not so great. If you want a recommendation for rushfaster, i can't fault them. They're incredibly fast, and always seek to keep you in the loop as to where your order is etc. Their customer service is outstanding. That said, i'd hesitantly recommend this wallet: i've had it for only two months and already it's broken. I think the wallet is a great idea, especially the unique integrated compartment. But the plastic that encloses this compartment appears to be very weak. I have never held a large amount of coins in it, but in less than two months, the plastic side is broken and can no longer hold coins. From day one, five cent pieces never stayed in the compartment, they seemed to somehow always slip out. Despite what the advertising says, it is not designed for coins. The wallet is difficult to take out of all pants' pockets, partly because of its size and partly because of the material from which it is made. But it's no big deal. There are only four slots for cards, which i don't see as a problem but it may be for some who want more. The wallet is stylish, that's undeniable. And it's exciting to see an australian design.”
    Timothy R from Eastwood, NSW, Australia
  • “Turns heads. I bought this from rushfaster and i must say i am fairly impressed at the communication and delivery with the site. Product-wise, the wallet was everything as they described on the site. Tough, very. Durable, most certainly. Holds big notes, yup. Water resistant... To some extent. Just don't go diving in a pool with it (duh! ). My only gripe is the lack as space for coins but really that's negligible. Also the material, being pliable yet durable, has a tendency to make it a bit difficult to pull from your back pocket of some pants like jeans and suit pants. It kinda has a non-slip feel on it and when retrieving the wallet, it tends to turn out the pockets. This of course depends solely on the pocket size. But as designs go, i'm loving it. Every time i take it out, someone definitely looks at it. The flip-open integrated compartment keeps my magnetics cards secure yet easily accessible. Not for coins though, as it will go everywhere. You're better off keeping change in a your pocket. In the description, they mention condoms but in reality it can't hold more than one so don't expect a wild night :p.”
    Patrick S from Braybrook, VIC, Australia