DODOcase iPad Air Classic DODOcase - Red Interior

The DODOcase iPad Air Classic DODOcase - Red Interior has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About DODOcase iPad Air Classic DODOcase - Red Interior

  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Designed to protect your iPad and preserve the craft of bookbinding, DODOcase’s Classic iPad Air Case gives your digital device the timeless look of a traditional book while providing the ultimate security and protection. Features include a black exterior made out of Moroccan cloth, an eco-friendly bamboo tray and a choice of three interior colors for an added pop of color inside. A true classic inspired by the artist journals of years gone by, each handcrafted iPad case is made in San Francisco using traditional bookbinding techniques.

  • The DODOcase features a solid core bamboo tray and a sturdy exterior cover that gives your tablet the look and feel of a hard-bound book
  • Strong yet light and a perfect mix of old and new, it blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to meet today’s needs
  • The DODOcase contains a magnet that activates the tablet’s sleep/wake functionality. Convenient for turning your device on and off with a flip of a cover
  • The multifunctional design allows you to use the DODOcase as a stand for reading, typing, or watching videos. The 'No Slip Clip' also provides stability on slick surfaces
  • A lightweight solid core bamboo tray that wraps and contours the device while providing access to all buttons and ports. Thoroughly strength tested for maximum security and protection.

Customer Reviews

  • “Great . Mostly Love it! On the ipad air the dodo case is really slim & compact. Looks great. Really looks like a moleskin book. Criticism is the display set up. The cover is too slippery to stand up in landscape, and relies on a small plastic buckle attached to the elastic strap to prevent the cover spreading apart. Fiddly and the set up is a bit too upright.”
    Fraser T from Clovelly, NSW, Australia
  • “Beautiful case. Love it. Well made, nice to hold. Just very fragile. Do not drop it!”
    Regan H from Port Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • “Best case ever. Fits the ipad air perfectly, an amazingly well made product.”
    Anna C from WICKHAM, NSW, Australia