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DB Clay Whipping Tail Wallet - Whipping Tail Wallet

The DB Clay Whipping Tail Wallet - Whipping Tail Wallet has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About DB Clay Whipping Tail Wallet - Whipping Tail Wallet

  • External Dimensions 10.50 x 8.000 x 1.000 cm
  • Weight 0.15 kg
  • Material Gaffers Tape
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

This wallet galloped its way into our collection because two friends (one living in Portland & visiting the other in New York) began to talk about the condition of their lives on a recent visit. This contrast of animal vs. brick summed up their story better than any small town boys in the hustle & bustle. Because some people from small towns have stored energy & discover they fit better in the big city than in the open country. Graeme Mitchell took the reigns on a beast & bridled this black & white photo for us to print on a wallet. Let's simply call it a tribute to him starting in a small town & making the most of a big city. Black interior, placed in a gray gift box & then heat branded db clay just like the cattle on the range.

  • 1 compartment for notes
  • 4 compartments for credit cards (you can easily fit 1-3 credit cards in each slot)

Customer Reviews

  • “. ”
    Noreen L from Geraldton, WA, Australia
  • “Great Wallet. A handy, compact wallet. Fits nicely into a pocket and doesn't occupy too much room. A good, durable design too.”
    Chloe M from Bullsbrook, WA, Australia