Crumpler The Squid Backpack - Coyote

The Crumpler The Squid Backpack - Coyote has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Crumpler The Squid Backpack - Coyote

  • External Dimensions 43 x 28 x 22 cm
  • Weight 0.20 kg
  • Material Ripstop
  • Volume 20 L
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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Now you see it, now you don’t. The incredible shrinking Squid is a stow-away drawstring backpack that appears on demand to accommodate your cargo carrying needs, then returns to the fold just as quickly.

Simple and useful in equal measure, the Squid’s 20 litre interior and zippered front pocket combo is great for gym gear or groceries, super for schoolbooks or sports, and handy on holidays as a bag-within-a-bag back up for washing, toting, day packing or heavy duty free retail therapy.

Made from water resistant 150D Rip-stop, the Squid features reinforced stitching on load points and flesh-friendly, thick woven drawstrings for comfy over the shoulder holding and easy opening and closing.

Like every Crumpler, it also carries the famous ‘Til death do us part’ lifetime warranty.


To ensure you can put lots of stuff in and get to it pronto, we first put in lots of thought. That’s why we gave the Squid a seriously large 20 litre main compartment, as well as a quick access front zippered picket.


Tipping the scales at just 200 grams, the Squid weighs about the same as a supermodel’s breakfast, while its 21mm x 12mm x 6mm folded dimensions allow it to slip unnoticed into the tightest packed suitcase, or even your jacket pocket.


The more stuff you carry, the more you’ll appreciate the Squids’s 4mm diameter thick drawstring cord. Even over the long haul, its soft but strong woven polypropylene remains gentle on your hands and your shoulders.


The combination of woven polypropylene cord and oversized drawstring hemming makes for fast opening and equally quick, no-gap closure.


Be it rain, hail, sleet, snow, beer or mixed drinks, the Squid’s 150D Rip-stop outer and oversized drawstring hemming are designed to weather the storm and keep what’s inside dry.


Designed to outlast its lifetime guarantee, the bag features a strong, water resistant 150D Rip-stop outer and lining, woven polypropylene cord, and bonded nylon thread with reinforced stitching on the drawstring anchor points, seams and all other stress points.

Customer Reviews

  • “a great bag. A very good and light backpack.”
    Graeme H from Narre Warren North, VIC, Australia
  • “suitable for everything. A great handy and light backpack.”
    Graeme H from Narre Warren North, VIC, Australia
  • “My new holiday bag. Great for traveling, is light holds heaps,. Can be carried or used as backpack.”
    Catherine W from BUNBURY, WA, Australia
  • “great for travelling. Great product great price.”
    Robyn H from Corio, VIC, Australia
  • “Great additional bag. This bag compliments my 8l shoulder bag i usually carry. When i need to carry additional groceries or my jumper, i whip this out to do the job. Great as an everyday and travel bag.”
    Yiing S from Joondalup, WA, Australia
  • “Gotta love this bag. It's the daypack you have when you don't want to carry a full daypack - perfect for travelling with just carry ons and you already have a handbag and wheelie bag. Stow this in your handbag to fill at the other end.”
    Natalie W from Richmond South, VIC, Australia
  • “Great travel pack. We are looking forward to using our squids in iceland.”
    Alan K from Parkside, SA, Australia
  • “Excellent bag for travelling. Fantastic product, excellent light weight day bag for travelling, much more user friendly than a normal backpack. Love the colour, shipping/delivery was unbelievably quick.”
    Kylie M from Lenah Valley, TAS, Australia
  • “Great bag for teenage boys. We love these bags, both my teenage sons have one and i just bought one for my sons friends 20th birthday'. They are so durable and versatile.”
    Joanne K from Bulli, NSW, Australia
  • “Good value. This bag offers quality at a good price.”
    Darren G from Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia