Crumpler The Dry Red No.2 iPad/Tablet Boarding Bag - Black

The Crumpler The Dry Red No.2 iPad/Tablet Boarding Bag - Black has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Crumpler The Dry Red No.2 iPad/Tablet Boarding Bag - Black

  • External Dimensions 33 x 20 x 11 cm
  • Weight 0.45 kg
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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A luxe redux of the classic propeller era boarding bag, the Dry Red No. 2 will hold your travel documents and personal belongings, plus a long haul flight’s worth of welcome distractions via your iPad or other e-vices. Small enough to slip under the seat in front without stealing your legroom, it stays within reach even when it’s out of the sight.

Like every Crumpler, it also carries the famous ‘Til death do us part’ lifetime warranty.

Check out this customer review of the Crumpler Dry Red No. 2 Boarding Bag over at our Whiteboard Blog.

  • Front zippered pocket with four-compartment organiser and key loop
  • Twin gripper zippered interior cargo space
  • Interior zippered pocket with mesh panel
  • Rear zippered pocket
  • Side stuff pocket for micro umbrella

The 38mm wide strap distributes weight evenly across your shoulders, while the easy-to-use tri-glide buckle lets you adjust how high or low the bag sits.


The bag outer is made from water resistant materials.


Before you take your Dry Red on a holiday or business trip, we take it to hell and back –a travel simulation torture test that sees every prototype dropped, dragged, beat up and opened and closed umpteen thousand times. A bag that survives that can survive anything.

Customer Reviews

  • “Great cabin companion. Holds just enough and not too much.”
    Lisa M from CARINA, QLD, Australia
  • “Excellent product rushed fast to my mail box! More than happy with the service and super fast postage. First port of call in the future!”
    Greg C from SEVEN MILE BEACH, TAS, Australia
  • “A very accommodating and good shaped bag. Buy this bag and you will never regret it - wear cross body and have the freedom to access all pockets which can hold everything you will need to carry, or you can then wear a day/back pack at same time should you wish.”
    val f from moonee ponds, VIC, Australia
  • “Great service with an email advising when back in stock. Back was out of stock when i first found it. Signed up for email to advise when back in stock, was able to buy bag (which is excellent btw) at discounted price and arrived within days of ordering.”
    Stephen G from Windsor, VIC, Australia
  • “functional,colorful,useful. Sample style and convenient bag. Good carry on size for travel.”
    caty t from Mitcham, VIC, Australia
  • “It's little, but holds heaps. Easily carries an ipad in the back pocket, headphones, book and light jumper in the middle. Front pocket is somewhat tight, but will accomodate passport, keys, sunglasses wallet and have room to spare. If you trim down what you need to take, it has enough room. As advertised, it's a perfect 'boarding bag'.”
    Luke B from Kew East, VIC, Australia
  • “Best ever to use it on broad to the plane. It is a nice design and best size to put underneath the seat no the plane. This can also fit my purse, travel documents, 8-inch tablet and my dslr with twin lens. I am surprised with the size of this bag. Love it so much :).”
    Melody K from Point Cook, VIC, Australia
  • “Comfort, Ease & Stylish. Need a no nonsense, stylish & comfortable shoulder bag. This one is super-cool and will go the distance. Maybe your kids will fight for it one day.”
    Darren B from Somerton, VIC, Australia
  • “Typical Awesome Crumpler Style. I haven\'t had the opportunity to use it yet, but i love the size and the forever-awesome crumpler style. Should be perfect for my upcoming trip!”
    Renee P from WEST LEEDERVILLE, WA, Australia
  • “Stylish and sturdy travelling bag. . A compact bag for travelling that fits all the essentials. Sturdy with lots of pockets and zips for security. Stylish and comfortable. Thank you.”
    Tracey N from Blayney, NSW, Australia