Cote&Ciel 15" Laptop Rucksack - Grey Melange

The Cote&Ciel 15" Laptop Rucksack - Grey Melange has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Cote&Ciel 15" Laptop Rucksack - Grey Melange

  • External Dimensions 47 x 33 x 17 cm
  • Weight 1.30 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 36.4 x 25 x 4 cm
  • Material Eco Yarn
  • Volume 0 L
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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The Côte et Ciel Rucksack is a new laptop backpack concept created for the savvy young entrepreneur or the dynamic creative talent that is always on the move. The conceptual design of this bag gives you easy access to your laptop and office essentials, and provides you with all the room and comfort you need to get through your busy days.

Material: Eco Yarn is recycled material tinted with an ecological dye process to reduce:

  • Air, water and soil contamination
  • Use of energy and oil
  • Non-biodegradable landfill material
  • Toxic emissions from incinerators
  • Pollution and land degredation

  • Huge main compartment with easy access
  • Strong shoulder straps and ergonomic fitting system
  • Comfortable soft cotton inner-lining
  • Big zippers for extra easy usage
  • Easy access to laptop compartment
  • Size accomodates up to 15" laptops
  • Made from eco friendly CetCycle recycled PET bottles

Customer Reviews

  • “Couldn't have asked for anything more. What a great backpack. I enjoy walking down the street styling a bag that is as attractive as it is functional. My laptop always feels safe and i barely notice it tucked away in the back section. The front section is excellent for awkward shaped things. It's great for uni, travelling and day trips. It feels really sturdy. I am extra happy because i managed to get it on sale! My only worry is if the clips break - i guess that'll have to be a bridge to cross when i come to it. Thanks for a great backpack.”
    Leena R from Milton, QLD, Australia
  • “. Great bag, different shape to most other back packs, which i like! There are no outside pockets which took some getting used to. Fits the laptop really well (there are actually 2 in the laptop section right now! ). Overall, love it!”
    Emily N from Chippendale, NSW, Australia
  • “Very Clever. I've used this backpack every day for about a week, during a holiday in seoul. However, i mostly bought it so i can use it for uni next year. It's very well designed, and has a lot of utility. You can pack a lot of different items and still be organised; it has several little pockets some with zippers, it even have two straps inside the big compartment so you can strap down clothes, books or whatever you don't want to be loose in the bag like compartment. The other big selling point is that it is sturdy, everything from the stitching to the zippers are built to last, there is nothing petite about this bag. Pro: clever design practical sturdy con: takes a little longer to access the compartments look might not be for everyone.”
    Tommy T from Rushcutters Bay, NSW, Australia