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Built NY Market Tote - Dot

The Built NY Market Tote - Dot has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Built NY Market Tote - Dot

  • External Dimensions 38.1 x 31.8 x 2.2 cm
  • Weight 0.17 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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These lightweight, versatile totes are stylish and durable. Made with extra-thick neoprene, Built Market Totes insulate and protect your belongings. Soft grip handles make the tote comfortable to carry. Whether used as a lunch bag, a plastic bag alternative or a general carry-all, these multi-functional totes will stretch to fit. Machine washable and stain resistant.

  • Soft-grip handle makes transporting easy, safe and comfortable
  • Stretches to hold and protect a variety of items
  • Perfect for shopping, office, camping, travel, beach, etc.
  • Machine-washable. Drip dry. Stain resistant
  • Lays flat when not in use
  • Made from neoprene, the wetsuit material
  • Hygienic & clean - due to the soft Neoprene used in this product, it is completely machine washable should it ever get dirty

Customer Reviews

  • “Great Tote Bag. This is a versatile tote bag. I use it when i go shopping or even as a large lunch bag for work. A great everyday bag and the print is funky!”
  • “Spots everywhere. This market tote is funky and funtional and perfect for that quick bit of shopping. They hold a significant amount and due to their lightweight are not difficult to get around with. Love the colours too!!!”
    Jodie E from Vale Park, SA, Australia