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Booq Vyper XS2 (MacBook Pro 13) Laptop Sleeve - Vyper XS2 (MacBook Pro 13) Laptop Sleeve

The Booq Vyper XS2 (MacBook Pro 13) Laptop Sleeve - Vyper XS2 (MacBook Pro 13) Laptop Sleeve has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Vyper XS2 (MacBook Pro 13) Laptop Sleeve - Vyper XS2 (MacBook Pro 13) Laptop Sleeve

  • External Dimensions 33.70 x 23.90 x 4.000 cm
  • Weight 0.39 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 32.50 x 22.70 x 3.000 cm
  • Material 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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Perfect for 13" Apple MacBook Pro & Macbook Air - Also accomodates other 12 & 13" Notebooks including the Dell XPS M1210

Perfectly fitted for the 13" MacBook Pro, Vyper XS2 is a compact and durable sleeve with a slick, rugged exterior and a non-scratch interior designed to protect your laptop against scratches and excessive wear. Although Vyper does not have a handle, it can be used on its own, but it is designed to be used first and foremost as additional protection inside another bag, like our Boa, BP3, or Python backpacks.

We sandwiched durable, semi-rigid high density foam between a layer of 1682D cross-weave ballistic nylon on the exterior and a super non-scratch lining on the interior - an effective blend. Vyper has to be the first truly cool laptop sleeve, and the Vyper XS2 is a must-have for every 13" MacBook Pro user!

Please note: If you are considering using this sleeve for a non-Apple laptop, please carefully check your laptop's physical dimensions against the Vyper's interior dimensions listed above.

  • Minimalist & stylish protection for your laptop, the perfect case for any environment
  • Tough outside: rugged, water-resistant 1682D cross-weave ballistic nylon exterior
  • Soft inside: super non-scratch interior lining
  • High quality "closed" zipper type; zipper does not come in contact with laptop
  • Two zipper pulls for added convenience
  • 1/4" molded foam construction for impact protection
  • No handles - slips easily into your favorite bag and protects your laptop.
  • Provides more protection than neoprene (wetsuit material) laptop sleeves.
  • Moulded protection specifically designed for the 13" MacBook means it will fit your MacBook perfectly.
  • Prevents dust and dirt getting into your laptop whilst in your bag or during security checks at the airport.

Customer Reviews

  • “A tough little package. I would recommend the vyper xs2 to anybody. It is tough and looks very stylish. I believe it is a far superior product to the wet suit style sleeves that are on the market. A great purchase and the only protection my mac book requires.”
    john t from Northcote, VIC, Australia
  • “Great concept but falls short in practice. I loved the idea of this sleeve and the fantastic reviews it was getting was what tipped the balance and made me choose to buy it. It was a little disappointing to be honest. Maybe i got a bad batch, but mine is difficult to use. The zipper gets stuck both when zipping and unzipping. In fact, the first time i used it, my mbp was trapped inside because i couldn't get the zipper open again. When the computer is in the sleeve its very well protected and looks great however, getting it out for use again is a pain. (editor's note: sorry to hear about this lisa! Perhaps it was a manufacturing defect. They are rare, but do happen. If you'd like to speak further about this please give us a call! I'm sure we could find a solution. ).”
    Lisa B from Stones Corner, QLD, Australia
  • “Insert awsomeness here. The first time i ordered something from rushfaster i was impressed by the service and speed of delivery. This is my 2nd order from rushfaster and my experience was even better. I half completed the transaction over the weekend but did not finish it. I received an email the day after asking if there was an problem and if they could help. I received a phone call on the monday morning following up again. I called back completed the transaction (side bar: both orders i copntacted the sales team via phone and they were fantasitically helpful. ) order went through at 2. 44pm yesterday - received it this morning at 11. 17am. Awesome service. Btw - the booq laptop sleeve is up to booq's high quality fit and finish, in particular my macbook is protected from the zip so no scratches like with some of the neoprene cases out there. Recommended.”
    Richard O from MENTONE, VIC, Australia
  • “Review Vyper XS2 (MacBook 13) Laptop Sleeve. Brought this as an xmas present for a hp pavilion tx2500z. The fit is pretty snug due to the thickness of the laptop, so the zips are a little difficult to pullover. However the sleeve itself is of an excellent quality, is pretty sleek, and pleased my hard to please sister!”
    Viren T from Frankston, VIC, Australia
  • “. Very good product, excelent service and support.”
    TITUS N from Woy Woy, NSW, Australia
  • “Reliable protection. I have owned a series of vypers since discovering them in 2005. I have never had a single incident with a laptop in one of these nor have any of them failed to function flawlessly. You simply cannot go wrong with these. Tough, completely reliable, and i think the no nonsense 'function follows form' design is a perfect compliment to a apple portable. These are the sleeves apple would build if apple built sleeves. Get one and if you don't consider it the best value for money you have discovered in this field then i will be truly shocked.”
    John P from Battery Point, TAS, Australia
  • “Laptop sleeve. This is by far the best laptop sleeve around. It has extra padding inside and a beautiful thick black cover on the outside.”
    Lena N from Burwood, NSW, Australia
  • “brilliant! So far so good.... Nice soft-hard case..”
    Robert E from Blacktown, NSW, Australia
  • “Simple and tough. Great zip, good protection, excellent material. It's easy to hold and not prone to slip in your hand. Now i just wish the (australian) airport security folk would let you leave it in the sleeve for scanning!”
    David H from ST IVES, NSW, Australia
  • “Happy! This laptop sleeve is very nice, and fits the macbook pro 13" very well! I think my mac likes to be carried around in it.”
    Tilde A from Vestervig, Denmark, Denmark