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Booq Vyper Exo M 15" Laptop Bag - Vyper Exo M 15" Laptop Bag

The Booq Vyper Exo M 15" Laptop Bag - Vyper Exo M 15" Laptop Bag has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Vyper Exo M 15" Laptop Bag - Vyper Exo M 15" Laptop Bag

  • External Dimensions 40.00 x 31.80 x 10.80 cm
  • Weight 1.64 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 36.40 x 27.70 x 3.800 cm
  • Material 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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Read the review of the Booq Vyper Exo.

Fits most laptops up to 15", please check your laptop model in the dropdown above.

It's about time your everyday bag had a sense of rugged refinement. We mean it. This sleek, semi-rigid ballistic nylon case utilises two layers of molded high-density foam protection and non-scratch fabrics to cradle your laptop like nothing else.

A black exterior says professionalism, while the red, orange, and beige accent color stitching bring out the creative in you [If it's not already out].

An intelligent interior layout with a place for your power adapter, cables, phone, iPod, keys, pens and business cards makes it easy to keep your mess organized, while the bag's three jeans-button pockets resist that quest until you learn how to use them. If you can't figure it out, don't blame us. Please.

The bag opens 180 degrees, so that you can open your laptop while it's sitting in the laptop compartment, if that's what's required to make you happy. While quite capable of keeping up with your fast-paced day at work, at home, and everything in between, a Vyper exo is not a bag for just anything, or anyone. It’s an everyday bag designed to carry the most ambitious ideas: yours.

Purchasing a Vyper exo is the beginning of an enduring relationship. The Vyper Exo is the first product to come with the all-new TerraLinq: Each bag carries a unique identification number that can be linked to you once you receive the product and register online. If your bag were subsequently reported to Booq as lost and found, they can put you in touch with the finder and help you regain possession.

  • Semi-rigid molded construction protects its cargo.
  • Ideal everyday bag: Lightweight, durable, room for everything you need during the day.
  • Oversized YKK zipper for improved functionality and durability.
  • Convenient pocket layout for items large and small.
  • Tough seatbelt nylon shoulder strap.
  • Accent stitching makes each bag unique.
  • This bag comes with TerraLinq Service. Helps reunite you with your lost & found bag.

Customer Reviews

  • “9 months on and loving it - improvement for next version. 9 months into using the vyper exo and it still looks fresh as the day i unpacked it. A great quality case and highly recommended. Aside from some vertical re-alignment of internal pockets for improved distribution of contents, i suggest the following improvement for the next release of the bag. I would like to see the velcro hook and loop sections of the laptop securing belt swapped so that the hook section is on the body of the laptop pocket and the loop section is on the belt. I am a frequent traveller and find that the hooks on the belt are a destroyer of silk ties when removing and replacing the laptop during security screening. The belt gets flipped about and can easily grab a tie... A small improvement which could save on clothing destruction. Thanks again for a great bag.”
    Murray W from Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
  • “Solid bag, needs an outside pocket to make it perfect. This is a solidly constructed bag with a semi-rigid shell that makes it a very smart bag for business users. You just have to make sure that all the contents are stored into one of the pouches. Otherwise opening the bag i can carry my 15" computer, notebook, mouse, power supply and cable, wallet, pens, business cards and a paperback, without the bag bulging out. My only gripe is that there isn't a zip pocket outside for frequently accessed items like my wallet, phone and keys. I have to open the bag, dig into the tightly fitting pockets to take out my wallet.”
    Ganga V from Glenwood, NSW, Australia
  • “Super Stylish. An excellent laptop bag, fits my 13. 3" macbook pro unibody perfectly. Talk yourself into buying this bag, you won't be disappointed.”
    Thomas P from Rozelle, NSW, Australia
  • “. Great bag - hardy, neat and minimalist. I carry a 12" laptop, charger, a couple of books and personal documents, pens and markers, headphones, mouse and small items. The internal arrangement of pockets does mean that items are concentrated low in the bag which can make it difficult to close if you wished to force it. The result is that the pocket on the outside of the laptop compartent can only hold the thinnest items. I would prefer some pockets higher in the bag to more evenly distribute items for closing. I did have to return my original due to a very minor stitching defect on the handle, but rushfaster made it painless to do - thanks guys.”
    Murray W from Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
  • “The bag looks and feels sensational! I have a macbook pro 15" unibody and i must say it's a pretty tight fit. It does take some effort to take out the laptop from it's compartment. I had to take off my clear plastic cover to make it fit. For the rest of the bag it's a bit of a juggle to get everything in but i have managed to fit in the following at a squeeze: macbook pro 15" unibody wireless apple keyboard wireless mighty mouse iphone 3 x external usb drives 3 x pens laptop charger misc cords wireless internet dongle approx 30pp doucments i'm hoping that the laptop compartment will slacken with use and time. But overall a great bag which is very comfortable to wear as it has a padded strap. I have had comments of how flash it looks. On another note had a little hiccup when ordering but rushfaster customer care is very prompt and very accommodating to set things right.”
    Weiwern H from SWAN VIEW, WA, Australia
  • “. Overall, an excellent bag, but a couple of things on the website are a little deceiving. 1) video demonstrating the bag functionality shows quite a different bag. Compartments for laptop and notebook do not fold right out as shown. Very dissapointing because i really liked that feature. 2)still photos suggest that all of the macbook pro power cords fit in, eg the long power cord is shown hanging out of the zippered pocket (but the suggestion is that it fits). It doesn't - you have to hang the cord plugs out of the pocket, or risk seriously stretching the pocket. 3) macbook pro 15" is a snug fit - enough to make me first think that it was too snug. Have become used to it but wondered if the computer was sitting properly when inside the pocket. After using the still photos to train myself just how to pack the bag, i am now happy with it. I can get all macbook pro cords etc to fit into the bag, as well as a notebook and other odds and sods. It is very stylish and not bulky like the average laptop bag. Importantly, it is very light as well as affording much protection for the computer. Growing to like the bag very much.”
    Paul O from East Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • “Compact and carries well. Very happy with the vyper exo m. I'm using the bag for a 13" macbook pro, so there is plenty of room for the laptop itself. Pros: very compact for a medium size bag; seems light (or maybe it's because it carries well); good protection; comfortable handles; shoulder strap stays on your shoulder even when only draped over (i. E. Not slipped over your head); mesh stretch pockets great for locating things quickly; great zips; it has enough pockets - i'm carrying a power supply, cord, wireless usb modem and antenna, rugged mobile external drive and fw800 cable, a few pens, notebook and miscellaneous papers - and it fits well. Cons (fairly minor): requires a bit of a squeeze to close when loaded up - the pockets on both sides are at the same height and if they were offset vertically it might use the internal space a little better; takes a few seconds longer to drop in the laptop and close the bag than if it was of the type with an external zip for the laptop compartment.”
    David H from ST IVES, NSW, Australia
  • “. Another good quality durable case, perfect for my work notebook and all the bits and pieces one tends to drag around while working.”
    DARREN R from NEWMAN, WA, Australia
  • “Perfect. Its not too big, holds all the essential items and is strong and sturdy and the hard case is perfect protection for the laptop.”
    Robert B from Rockbank, VIC, Australia
  • “Fashionably skinny, good looking model. When considering the vyper exo, you first need to take a good long hard look at your good self. The exo is a good, no, great looking article: svelte, funky stitching, and with a robust exterior that looks like she won't fall to pieces on you when the going gets tough. Think of an emotionally stable kate moss... On the other hand, if you want to be able to hold more than a laptop, a usb stick, power adaptor & cable and a *thin* notebook (the paper kind), then you might want to think about someting else. For a start, the exo has no exterior pockets (meaning you have to open it pretty much completely to get to your security pass), and the rigid structure means that expansion is very limited (meaning you really can't get much more in than previously mentioned unless you want unsightly bulges that really aren't a kate moss thing... ) so, when considering the exo, first consider what's important to you - a skinny, expensive-looking & robust model (that incidentally generates quite a few compliments), or a more friendly, chubbier & altogether softer option. As for me, well i'm a big fan of kate moss, so i'm keeping mine.”
    Gideon L from Rozelle, NSW, Australia