Booq Viper Rush Xl 17" Work-in Laptop Bag - Viper Rush Xl 17" Work-in Laptop Bag

The Booq Viper Rush Xl 17" Work-in Laptop Bag - Viper Rush Xl 17" Work-in Laptop Bag has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Viper Rush Xl 17" Work-in Laptop Bag - Viper Rush Xl 17" Work-in Laptop Bag

  • External Dimensions 43.4 x 34 x 10.9 cm
  • Weight 2.23 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 39.4 x 26.9 x 3.2 cm
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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The semi-rigid Viper rush work-in laptop case is made from molded high-density foam to protect your laptop. Its oversized, premium-quality YKK zipper allows you to open the bag about 120 degrees and enables you to work while your laptop is in the bag. Special bumpers elevate your laptop and allow heat to escape. An intelligent interior layout with non-scratch neoprene pockets and compartments for your power adapter, cables, phone, iPod, keys, pens and business cards makes it easy to keep your mess organised. While quite capable of keeping up with your fast-paced day at work, at home, and everything in between, a Viper rush is not a bag for just anything, or anyone. It's an everyday bag designed to carry the most ambitious ideas: yours.

  • Ideal work-in bag, opens 120 degrees with the laptop elevated
  • Molded bumpers inside the densely padded laptop compartment elevate laptop slightly and allow heat to escape
  • Padded center divider with 1 zipper pocket and 2 neoprene slip pockets
  • Center divider can fix on top of laptop by elastic Velcro tab or can be held up and out of the way by snap buttons when using the laptop inside the bag
  • Front inside surface of bag has 2 magnetic flap closing neoprene pockets for power adaptor, mouse and other laptop accessories
  • 1 zipper pocket behind front inside surface of bag for magazines and other large items
  • Volume for document storage behind front inside surface of bag

Customer Reviews

  • “Loving it! The bag is a treat to use, very sturdy and looks good too. Well thought out, i love the magnetic pockets inside and has plenty of room, i can chuck my phone, mouse, wallet, sunnies, powercords etc in without any detailed packing. One issue, when working with the laptop inside the bag i find it sits too deep and the edges of the bag dig into my wrist while typing. That aside its a great bag and 4 out of 5 stars.”
    Yari M from Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
  • “. A well thought out bag with a high quality build and finish. One very small downside if your fussy is that the clips on the shoulder strap and d rings on the bag are metal and it's not long before the black paint starts to come off leaving bare metal showing. Just don't use the strap! Excellent product, very happy.”
    Stephen W from Newstead, QLD, Australia
  • “Warning....This thing bites..... ....and not in a bad way either ! This is a relatively conservative classic looking case shape but thanks to some clever design at Booq (gosh I'm starting to sound like a Booq marketing person know ...they're the guys we all think write these reviews including schpelling mistax and bad grammar to make it all seem sincere and real) ...hmmm ....where was I ...oh yeah ...the clever use of colour in the zipper handle ...strap ...and inside the bag puts this bag in a category that will say to the conservative business man ..."hey I might wear a suit and comb my hair right across my forehead with brill cream and crunch numbers all day long yet I still have a sense of style and pizzazz too" . I'm an advertising and fashion photographer whole existence is based around the perception that I'm " fashionable" in appearance ...this bag completes me's rugged and a little out there yet it still has the functionality with all it's space and compartments to carry on the business of every day life . I love that I can leave the computer inside the case when I'm on the plane ....doing those quick retouching jobs on the fly ...literally ...and when I do take it out ...the 120 degree angle of the bag won't tip over . Something I thought would happen ...but those dudes at Booq thought of everything asses ! In the end I'm glad I took the plunge and bought this bag online ...nothing worse than purchasing something like a laptop bag and not getting what you thought you were paying for when you open the package . I'm selling my other laptop bag on Ebay as we speak because it wasn't anything I thought it was when I bought it online from the US ...sheesh ! Would I recommend this bag ...NO ! I'd say MUST have this bag ....kill if you must ...but you must have it !!!! Happy purchasing ! :).”
    Terence L from Fitzroy, VIC, Australia