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Booq Python Pack 17" Laptop+ SLR Backpack - Python Pack 17" Laptop+ SLR Backpack

The Booq Python Pack 17" Laptop+ SLR Backpack - Python Pack 17" Laptop+ SLR Backpack has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Python Pack 17" Laptop+ SLR Backpack - Python Pack 17" Laptop+ SLR Backpack

  • External Dimensions 45.70 x 38.10 x 17.80 cm
  • Weight 2.73 kg
  • Material 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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Python pack has been designed for creative professionals with a 13-15" Mac/PC or 17" MacBook Pro, an SLR, 2-3 lenses, and a limited number of accessories. This full-featured, large capacity laptop backpack can be used with or without camera gear, since the camera compartment, which doubles as a fully functional camera case, is easily removable.

Python pack is made up of a padded laptop compartment, a main compartment perfectly sized for the removable camera case, a large flap pocket (for large headphones or similarly sized items), and two large side pockets for flash cards & readers, batteries, filters, hard drives and other accessories. Used with or without camera gear, Python pack leaves very few things to be desired.

Backpack Storage:

  • Overall Capacity: Room for a 13-15" Mac/PC or 17" MacBook Pro, SLR camera & lenses, and a limited number of accessories.
  • Main compartment:
    -1 large pocket perfect for documents.
    -2 medium-sized pockets sized for CDs, backup drives, or other flat items.
    -Large open area for removable camera case; can also be used for books or larger items when camera bag is removed.
  • Laptop Compartment: Separate compartment protects the laptop from impact, scratches, and excessive wear, while removable padded inserts allow one to find the perfect fit.
  • Exterior:
    -Two zippered side pockets feature multiple smaller compartments for flash cards & reader, business cards and other small items
    -Two smaller, quick-access zippered front pockets provide easy access to cords, cell phone etc.
  • Straps: Integrated zippered pockets designed for iPod, cell phone, lens caps, camera batteries etc.
Removable Camera Case:
  • Overall Capacity: Carry a digital SLR and 2-3 lenses in this dedicated camera bag, designed to protect a camera from impact and scratches - complete with foam inserts that allows one to build a suitable interior layout to fit a camera and lenses.
  • Exterior:
    -Top zippered pocket is great for flat items such as filters or flash cards.
    -Two mesh side pockets provide storage for batteries, lens caps & flash cards for quick access
  • Fabric: The deep-orange silky sheen of the 420D Polyester interior is an unsuspectingly perfect contrast to the rugged, yet understated, water-resistant, 1680D ballistic nylon exterior.
  • Laptop Compartment: Half an inch of high-density foam padding and a scratch resistant lining protect the laptop.
  • Straps: Ergonomically designed shoulder straps with breathable mesh fabrics include a removable chest strap. The waist strap may be used on the backpack OR the camera case.
  • Pocket Fabric: Fine-gauge mesh Lycra with elastic edging expands as needed, holding accessories securely.
  • Hardware: Oversized heavy-duty YKK(r) zippers with custom booq logo zipper pulls.
  • Customer Reviews

    • “Brilliant Bag! I used this backpack over the christmas break to haul around a 17inch mac book pro and an slr with a couple of lenses, as well as the myriad other things you can fit in this bag. I am very impressed with the build quality, and the bag is extremely comfortable even when fully loaded. It is heavy when fully loaded, yes, but what do you expect really? For me, it's far better to carry around this one bag with everything i need, rather than multiple bags, especially since those other bags will likely be messengers that are not great for your shoulders. Kudos booq!”
      Travis H from Cumberland Park, SA, Australia
    • “Great Bag. Have been using this bag for a week now and am loving it. Holds everything i need for short travels and the slr.”
      Shaun B from South Ripley, QLD, Australia
    • “Python Pack Laptop+ SLR Backpack. This is a great bag, really well made. However it's much bigger than it looks in the photo - fantastic for travelling say as a hand luggage item but not really suitable for daily use. Notwithstanding that it's an excellent product, highly recommended.”
      Shane C from ADELAIDE, SA, Australia
    • “Excellent bag, great service. Was very happy with my purchase, and with rushfaster's excellent customer service. This bag is spacious, light, and stylish. I find the front pockets great for storing small things you need to get at quickly (keycards, keys, wallet, etc. - although i guess it's not the safest place for them). The left and right pockets are great for umbrellas, bottles of water, stationery, etc. Camera bag is great, laptop padding is excellent, the flap contains another pouch sized just right for a small book. Overall, it's probably the best bag i've ever bought.”
      Liviu C from Caringbah, NSW, Australia
    • “. The bag is way too big for me... Lol! I am surprised indeed. And the bag materials is not what i expected. It is ok only. I was hoping for another kind of material.”
      Meliana M from carnegie, VIC, Australia
    • “Great backpack but heavy. This is a great backpack for hauling stuff. I don't haul camera equipment but i haul a laptop, accessories and clothing. The main compartment is very deep so you fit larger things in it like clothing. The outside pockets are great for stashing cables and small accessories. The pockets in the two chest straps are a wonderful innovation. I especially like the way it stands upright. I keep it near my desk and put things in and out all day. I use it more as a commuter bag or briefcase replacement. You might have trouble caring an extraordinary amount of paper in file folders or folios since the shape isn't conducive to that. I can carry about 4 inches work of paper but beyond that is a challenge. This pack is built very sturdy and stands upright well but this come at a price -- extra weight.. The weight is an issue for me. I just walk a several blocks with it. It is very easy to over pack this bag and get beyond the limits of what an average woman can carry easily.”
      Rebecca W from Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, USA
    • “Python as an SLR & Laptop Backpack. I've been using the python pack now for 2 weeks everyday. Its the most comfortable backpack i've ever used. There's more than enough room for all my laptop and camera accessories. Everything feels solid and of high quality. The camera case fits perfectly into the python though i've opted not use it as it is way too large for my camera. I'm just using a tamrac slr case. The zipper compartment in the lid is a brilliant idea. Its large enough to actually hold accessories that are not flat like chargers and power adapters. Its a great alternative to just placing them in the main compartment. The only thing i would change is to have a bit more padding at the bottom of the case since even though it is strong, it doesn't offer much protection. This would not be an issue if you did decide to use the python camera case that comes with. I can definately recommend this to anyone needing a laptop or camera backpack.”
      Mark N from Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • “love this backpack. After hours spent on the internet comparing backpacks with laptop capacity i found this one - it is the perfect combination of business and travel - i am planning an overseas study trip but the only backpacks i could find were either for hiking or didnt fit everything i need. This is great for air travel - lots of pockets so things are easy to find - but also to take to meetings. Very happy!!!”
      Prue W from Alice Springs, NT, Australia
    • “Great product and good price. I've previously bought a bag from rushfaster in sydney. Now i'm in london and i really needed a good backpack to fit my laptop and my slr together. And this was a good choice. The product arrived after about 13 days.”
      Paul B from Ryde, NSW, Australia