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Booq Mamba 17" Laptop Backpack - Brown

The Booq Mamba 17" Laptop Backpack - Brown has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Mamba 17" Laptop Backpack - Brown

  • External Dimensions 45.70 x 35.60 x 17.80 cm
  • Weight 1.50 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 40.00 x 26.70 x 3.800 cm
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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Mamba Pack has everything you need in a laptop backpack, from a sleek and sporty water-repelling exterior to high-density foam laptop protection, this casual, comfortable, and lightweight pack has room for everything. With roomy, easy-access side pockets, a variety of mesh pockets and zippered compartments for items large and small, and a zippered accessory pouch for cables, you'll have a place for all your important items. Padded foam inserts allow you to create the best fit for your laptop, while bold colors show off your creative side

  • The Mamba pack is unique as it has an adjustable cushion walled laptop compartment, perfect for those with varying laptop sizes.
  • Famous Booq quality at an affordable price.
  • Overall Capacity: Room for file folders, books, or other larger items within the main compartment and a place for all of your accessories in the front interior.
  • Main compartment:
    -1 large pocket perfect for documents.
    -3 medium-sized mesh pockets - great for a water bottle or other oddly shaped items.
    -2 medium-sized pockets sized for cds or other flat items.
    -3 small mesh pockets for small accessories.
    -1 medium-sized zippered pocket ideal for power cords and chargers.
  • Laptop Compartment: Dedicated compartment protects your laptop from impact, scratches, and excessive wear, while removable padded inserts allow you to find the perfect fit.
  • Exterior:
    -Two zippered exterior side pockets provide room for tall items, along with a mesh pocket inside for compact items.
    -Front and back panels have large, open pockets for easy access perfect for a newspaper, cell phone, and keys.
  • Fabric: 420D Polyester with water-resistant coating and diagonal ribbed texture provides durability while being silky smooth, used inside and out.
  • Laptop Compartment: Half an inch of high-density foam padding and a scratch resistant lining protect your laptop.
  • Strap: Integrated straps with breathable mesh underside, 1 webbing and custom hardware with booq logo allows for up to 18"" adjustment, for the most comfortable fit.
  • Pocket Fabric: Fine-gauge mesh Lycra with elastic edging expands as needed, holding your accessories securely.
  • Hardware: Heavy-duty YKK zippers with custom booq logo zipper pulls.
  • The Mamba pack is unique as it has an adjustable cushion walled laptop compartment, perfect for those with varying laptop sizes.
  • Famous Booq quality at an affordable price.
  • Customer Reviews

    • “The hottest lappie bag I've ever seen. Great bag - roomy, comfy and well sized. Rushfaster provided exception service throughout the purchase cycle and the order arrived at my doorstep in lightning fast time. Thanks rushfaster!”
      Benjamin F from Aldgate, SA, Australia
    • “I heart this bag and The booq mamba is an exceptional bag. The colours and finish are bright and make a strong impact. It's comfortable to wear, swallows up books and laptops with ease and, contrary to some other reviews, i think it's very compact given its capacity. Rushfaster are brilliant - attentive service and next day delivery. Thanks!”
      Benjamin F from Aldgate, SA, Australia
    • “More pockets than I can count. Everythings already been said about this bag but the fact that it has sooo many pockets hasn't been emphasised enough. Internally and on the sides theres plenty of room for your stuff. I took it for my first run today at uni and fit 3 large books and my laptop with still plenty of room to spare for other stuff. Going back to the mention of the pockets, i even put my car keys in the bag and later forgot which pocket i put it in (thinking i had actually lost my keys elsewhere). After calling my bro to come with another set of keys, it was not until i came home and thoroughly searched the bag that i found my keys, to my relief at least. Think i'll keep the keys in my pocket and the rest in the bag from now on.”
      Michael A from West Croydon, SA, Australia
    • “What a bag !!! Great look and very functional in preparation for my trip to europe.”
      James M from West Moonah, TAS, Australia
    • “a tad bulky. Somehow the bag doesn't look that big in the picture or even in the video, but when you get it your first reaction is "holey moley that's a big bag! " it's ever more evident when you take a crowded train or bus and you realise that you might have to pay for an extra person coz that's how much space this bag takes up. But you know what? The mamba magically lightens my laptop. I feel like i'm not carrying anything coz of its great back support. So i guess while it's a little bulky, it's still a great buy coz it serves its purposes extremely well. And its pretty.”
      Jeremy C from singapore, singapore, Singapore
    • “Great! The brown-green combination is just great, comments i have received range from 'nice' to 'space-agey'. The material feels luxuriously smooth too. The bag itself is very roomy and the various internal compartments have been very useful: i'm thus able to separate the smaller stuff (eg keys) from the larger stuff (eg newspapers) without having to dig for the smaller stuff. The positioning of the 2 main zips are handy too, meeting at the top. My favourite feature is the handle at the top, for it's the only way to pick the bag up. My only gripe would be that of the shoulder straps - i think they are too thin.”
      Cheryl F from Heidelberg, VIC, Australia
    • “Good, not great. The bag looks good. I didn't realise the material is more like a heavy self striped satiny finish rather than a matte cordura finish customary on backpacks, so the brown colour looks quite rich rather than dull. It's quite sleek but it does look, and feel, like a biggish bag. Gripes: the bag fits a lot -easily fits laptop + 6 hardback library books all of which weighs at least 5 or 6 kg. The straps/harness system on this bag is very basic. While the straps are padded the load really pulls down on your shoulders. Also, the padded straps are very long and cannot be shortened beyond a certain point. I am 170 cm and have shortened the straps to the max. If you are shorter than this the bag will hang below your pelvic bone.”
      Hilary G from Willoughby, NSW, Australia
    • “Great bag! I really like the design and quality of this bag. One thing that i'd like to see added is more convenient access to a storage space for writing instruments. My 17" mbpro fits perfectly.”
      Brandt B from Michigan City, IN, USA
    • “Stylish. It is bigger than it looks, but looks better than other laptop bags that can carry just as much stuff. I love the colours.”
      Roslyn K from Yowie Bay, NSW, Australia