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Booq iPad Boa Skin Sleeve - Yellow

The Booq iPad Boa Skin Sleeve - Yellow has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq iPad Boa Skin Sleeve - Yellow

  • External Dimensions 27.2 x 22 x 1.8 cm
  • Weight 0.19 kg
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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Boa skin is the ideal protection for your Apple iPad inside another bag or backpack. Its soft neoprene protects and stretches to fit the iPad perfectly, while its rigid flat base provides impact protection to the display side. Made from durable Twylon and high-quality neoprene.

  • Compatible with all iPads including iPad Retina!
  • Soft neoprene protects your iPad and stretches to accommodate other items
  • Rigid base provides impact protection for display side
  • Base is wrapped in Booq Twylon for optimum durability
  • Protects iPad inside your favorite bag

Customer Reviews

  • “Simple. It\'s quite a snug and simple sleeve — does what it\'s designed to do. I would\'ve loved to see a strap of some sort at the end though.”
    Ben T from Kaleen, ACT, Australia
  • “Perfect! This cover is perfect!”
    Tim K from COPACABANA, NSW, Australia
  • “Fits Well. A nice looking sleeve that will fit an ipad by itself or the neoprene has enough stretch to use it with another case depending on how much protection you want. If just using the book boa alone then my only gripe is that it doesn\'t quite reach and cover the upper edge.”
    Kerstin S from GLENORIE, NSW, Australia
  • “. Works excellently as i need it to protect my ipad whilst it's in my bag. Fits great even with the smart cover on and feels quite well made. Worth it.”
    Christopher W from Booragoon, WA, Australia
  • “Thanks. Fast shipping, thanks, great product.”
    clay c from Torquay, VIC, Australia
  • “great product at a great price. This is exactly what i wanted for my ipad.”
    Helen L from Earlwood, NSW, Australia
  • “The perfect sleeve. Tight, good quality and a good price. This is the perfect sleeve for me to keep my ipad in my bag, scratch free, on my way to the train in the mornings.”
    Sotirios S from Bonnet Bay, NSW, Australia
  • “Very smart sleeve. The boa skin ipad sleeve is working very welll and looks very smart sitting on my desk. The stiff backing makes it easy to put on and off the ipad. The colour is not quite as vibrant as it appears on the screen, but is pretty nevertheless.”
    Heather K from Balwyn North, VIC, Australia
  • “Booq iPad sleeve - great for iPad 2. The sleeve fits well and protects well. With ipad 1, if u put any kind off cover on it, it won't fit in the sleeve. Therefor there isn't much protection for it once you take it out of the sleeve. With ipad 2, it actually still fits if u put a thin cover on your ipad before putting it in the sleeve. I think this sleeve is great for ipad 2!”
    Rowena C from Donvale, VIC, Australia
  • “Exactly As Expected. This product came at a cheap price and was exactly as i expected - great!! It's a firm cover which protects the ipad when in my bag or travelling. The only gripe is that it exposes the top of the ipad slightly.”
    Andrew B from Sydney, NSW, Australia