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Booq Boa XM 15" Laptop Backpack - Boa XM 15" Laptop Backpack

The Booq Boa XM 15" Laptop Backpack - Boa XM 15" Laptop Backpack has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Boa XM 15" Laptop Backpack - Boa XM 15" Laptop Backpack

  • External Dimensions 44.00 x 35.00 x 18.50 cm
  • Weight 1.50 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 39.20 x 29.00 x 5.000 cm
  • Material 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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The all new Boa XM - a fusion of comfort and ruggedness for 14" & 15" laptops and MacBooks.

Rushfaster recommends the Booq Boa, designed for 14" & 15" Laptops. Fits Apple's new 15" & 17" MacBook Pro. Please consider also adding a Booq Vyper M2 laptop sleeve with this bag to make the ultimate MacBook Pro protection kit.

Fits Laptops

  • 14" or 15" screen laptops
  • Apple 15.4" & 17" MacBook Pro

The Boa XM takes the understatement of high performance to new levels. Now with more internal padded accessory pockets, substantially more room, and a slicker appearance, the Boa XM has everything you need in a laptop backpack, nothing you don't. Visually elegant yet rugged and durable, Boa XM protects your precious widescreen in style. Boas ergonomic shoulder strap design is a derivative from the human form, creating an incredibly comfortable fit. Crafted from some of the highest quality 1680D ballistic and seatbelt nylons as well as ripstop fabrics, Boa XMs custom-molded back structure illustrates the fusion of tough protection and sleek comfort that makes this bag so quietly outstanding.

The Boa.XM now has a bombproof rigid frame laptop compartment with 1.0" high density foam padding and plenty of room to cradle your 14-15" laptop, books, (legal-size) folders, accessories and more. An intelligently designed MP3-player pocket (perfect for your iPod) with water-resistant grommet and super-soft lining, as well as Boas rock-solid, 1.5"-wide removable seatbelt nylon hip strap, weather-resistant fabrics and design solutions make this pack the ideal choice for bikers and other active commuters.

The Boa offers solid construction, unsurpassed comfort, incredible attention to detail, intelligently placed accessory pockets and compartments, and slick, understated styling - this backpack is a must-have for laptop owners looking for the best transport for their widescreen laptop or PowerBook. Get yours today.

Compatible Booq Vyper Laptop Sleeves (For extra protection in and out of the bag)

Booq Vyper M2 Booq Vyper XM

  • The ideal backpack for the professional
  • Various accessory pockets for disks, books, ipod, cell phone & other accessories - stores items of many shapes and sizes
  • High-density polyurethane foam back padding for extra rigidity, comfort and optimized breathability
  • Extremely comfortable, contoured shoulder strap design for ideal load distribution
  • Entirely separate zippered & padded laptop compartment, lined with non-scratch fabric
  • Built from tough 1680d ballistic nylon and equipped with the toughest nylon straps and webbing
  • Adjustable, removable waist strap with padded hip flaps allow secure fit; sternum strap for extra comfort

Customer Reviews

  • “Best backpack (also good if you have a laptop!). This backpack is great to carry a laptop around, and not ruin your back in the process. It has excellent laptop protection, and the base of the bag is well protected and reinforced so that holes wont wear in the bottom of it. The interior and exterior pockets are superbly designed. I definitely recommend this bag.”
    Casey G from St Kilda, VIC, Australia
  • “Great bag! It may seem like a little thing, but the fact that this bag stands up by itself is a big thing for me, especially wallowing in public mystery sticky stuff on cityrail. And it's surprisingly roomy without being bulky in crowds. Its the happy medium between a backpack and a laptop back; classy enough to bring to a meeting but comfy enough to throw up on your back.”
    Terry O from Loftus, NSW, Australia
  • “Boa Laptop bag. Generally the bag is good. It's made in china and the build quality is pretty good, however a bit on the expensive side for what it is and the fact it's all synthetic construction. Some of the zippers are hard to access. It is one of the better laptop backpacks out there, but i think laptop backpacks have a long way to go!”
    Richard S from Jewells, NSW, Australia
  • “Comfy, stylish, handy. This backpack makes a lot more sense for me than the standard case: my hands are free and my back is happier. If i lean over it doesn't fall off, and i can just throw it on one shoulder if i'm in a hurry or making a short trip, two if not. It looks good, it's not bulky but fits all i need. The pockets, inexplicably, are less like my old laptop case (places for pens, business cards, folders, papers) and more like my hiking backpack - they're adequate, but not as good for the office context i use it in. Overall though i'm very happy with it.”
    Trevor K from Nowra, NSW, Australia
  • “Better than STM and Belkin bags. Excellent backpack with well padded laptop compartment, plenty of space & hidden pockets for additional gear, books etc. Love how it opens up like a clam shell with all zips open for easy access to everything. Worth the money, better than anything sold at mac shops by belkin, stm etc.”
    Mark S from Walkerville, SA, Australia
  • “Best laptop backpack. Extremely sturdy and very smart looking bag. I love the fact that the laptop is stored in a separate compartment, plus all the little pockets for storing bits and pieces. Holds more stuff than you would think! Well worth the investment.”
    Claire S from Oxley, QLD, Australia
  • “Back padding a concern. I've had the boa for a little while now, and the only concern i have is the back padding which is moulded in the shape of their logo - rather than being shaped to fit a person's back. Time will tell whether this annoys me, though thus fur its acceptable. Its certainly not as comfortable as my osprey daypack, but then again the osprey isn't built to carry laptops, and is for hiking. Otherwise every other aspect of the bag exceeds my expectations to the point of pure glee. Beats the pants off every other brand i looked at, which was everything from gravis to victorinox to north face to samsonite.”
    Simon F from Cronulla, NSW, Australia
  • “Beaut Booq Backpack. It appears to be small but just keeps on swallowing up the stuff i put into it. The real test comes in a week when i take it on a 15 week holiday through europe and se asia but if looks are anything to go by it will be the bees knees.”
    Peter H from Woolgoolga, NSW, Australia
  • “This is a Top Laptop Backpack! This backpack is great. Plenty of protection for my laptop and lots of pockets to keep all my documents, loose change and nick nacks organised! Top quality and i love how it stands up on it's own!!”
    Greg P from GOODNA, QLD, Australia
  • “Fantastic Product!! This bag is fantastic. It looks and feels great, what you see is what you get basically. It is well worth the price and i highly recommended to anyone looking for a midsize laptop backpack. Also, great service from rushfaster. Keep up the good work!”
    TEO T from WILSON, WA, Australia