Booq Boa Nerve S 13" Laptop Messenger - Navy

The Booq Boa Nerve S 13" Laptop Messenger - Navy has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Boa Nerve S 13" Laptop Messenger - Navy

  • External Dimensions 46 x 32 x 13 cm
  • Weight 1.96 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 33 x 23.1 x 3.2 cm
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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The rugged Boa nerve is a bag that works hard for you whether you're a businessman or bike messenger. It is designed to be extremely tough, but no features were spared during the development process giving the bag an abundance of functionality, such as a removable protective laptop sleeve, adjustable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad and stabilising strap, large front pocket with built in organiser, exterior handle and trolley pass-through on the back, and much more. We are confident this bag can handle anything you can throw at it or stuff inside of it!

  • Ballistic nylon exterior with water-repellant coating
  • Main compartment zips closed to protect from outside elements
  • Removable laptop sleeve is nicely padded for protection and is lined with soft Nylex, which won't scratch your gear. Its flap closes with velcro
  • Adjustable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad and stabilising strap
  • Extremely durable water-resistant rubberised bottom
  • This bag carries a unique ID number. Once registered, booq's Terralinq™ Service may help you find your lost bag.
  • 2 x quick access neoprene side pockets for water bottle and other accessories
  • 1 x zipper pocket on front of main flap for keys, phone and other small items
  • 1 x small zipper pocket on the front of the main bag for small items
  • Large exterior zipper pocket on the front of the main bag with built in organiser including; 1 neoprene slip pocket 3 neoprene pen slots, 2 lining slip pockets, one zipper pocket and a removable key ring
  • Front inside wall of main compartment has 3 flapped pockets with Velcro closure, and one large zipper pocket
  • Luggage trolley pass-through doubles as a slip pocket for document storage
  • Low-profile handle on the back of the bag for quickly lifting and moving the bag around. 1 small neoprene and soft Nylex pocket is integrated into the handle, perfect for a phone or MP3 player

Customer Reviews

  • “Hey there good lookin'. After many years of using normal laptop briefcases and backpacks, i thought i'd get something that stands out from the usual bring business carrier. Pretty much everyday i get a comment like "that looks good". However, function is as important as looks, and i'm very happy with the construction and design. It's bigger than i expected (i can cram a small 15" laptop in), and it organises all the paraphenalia well into pockets. When the inner compartment is overfull, it can be difficult to get the pockets to stay closed, and to close the laptop insert's cover. You definitely will need to pack that compartment from empty (just like the video demonstration). A definite incentive to continue downsizing! A sturdy performer, a star in form and function.”
    Adrian M from Briar Hill, VIC, Australia
  • “Not too big but bigger than you think! I am very pleased with this bag, it is well made and is made from quality materials. It has many pockets and compartments and comes with a handy removable case for a 13" laptop. It doesn't seem large to carry and doesn't get in the way in confined spaces such as trains and aircraft but its big enough to squeeze a 17inch laptop in for occasional use. The only bad point with this product is the limited choice of colours available.”
    Colin E from Maudsland, QLD, Australia
  • “Stuart McEvoy review of Boa nerve messenger bag. I am very happy with the boa nerve. It is a fantastic bag that performs all the functions that i wanted it to. It also looks great and is comfortable to wear. The service from rushfaster was outstanding. While perfection is always desirable it is not usually possible. The boa nerve comes close but has one problem with it. The internal laptop bag does not close properly. It has to do with the velcro pads. Both the hook side and the loop side are slightly recessed. This means that when they are brought together that they do not quite meet. Therefore the flap does not shut properly. I couldn't quite understand how this design flaw could be overlook. Luckily for me i do not have the need to use the laptop bag separately. I will try to find some kind of double sided velcro pads that i can attach to alleviate this problem. Perhaps it would be handy to use the laptop bag on its own. As i stated everything else is top notch. My macbook fits perfectly into the laptop bag. I found cheaper options but didn't mind paying a little extra to get what i wanted. Cheers stuart.”
    Stuart M from Hampton, QLD, Australia
  • “Nice bag. A bit larger than what a 13" notebook bag might otherwise be, it has compartments for everything. Construction is solid, and doesn't look too notebook-ey to boot. Great that you can remove the notebook insert, for if you want to use the bag for something else - i put camera gear in there (with some additional protective inserts though). One thing though - i'm not a fan of how the zip attaches to the underside of the top flap; i'm used to a bag where the top flap is attached only to the back, and there's a separate 'straight-line' zip in the middle. However, this bag's method does protect better against dirt ingress.”
    Bernard L from Mascot, NSW, Australia