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Booq Boa 3M 15" Laptop Backpack - Boa 3M 15" Laptop Backpack

The Booq Boa 3M 15" Laptop Backpack - Boa 3M 15" Laptop Backpack has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Booq Boa 3M 15" Laptop Backpack - Boa 3M 15" Laptop Backpack

  • External Dimensions 43.20 x 38.10 x 14.00 cm
  • Weight 2.00 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 40.00 x 27.70 x 4.100 cm
  • Material 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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Boa 3 is the laptop backpack of choice for the demanding, frequently-traveling creative professional. While its exterior is slick and understated, its blood-red interior is where this backpack outperforms.

The full-featured Boa 3 leaves very few things, if any, to be desired. Impeccable construction, incredible ease of use, solid laptop protection. Unsurpassed comfort. Intelligently placed accessory pockets and compartments. Professional, understated styling. Combined, it's what makes the Boa 3 the ultimate backpack.

  • Ballistic nylon exterior with water repellant coating
  • Oversized YKK high performance zippers
  • HD foam laptop compartment for optimum protection
  • Adjust laptop compartment size to fit your MacBook or PC laptop with two removable padded inserts
  • Intelligent interior layout optimized for MacBook or PC laptop accessories
  • Side pockets for phone, music player or water bottle
  • This bag carries a unique ID number. Once registered, Booq's Terralinq service may help you find your lost bag.

Customer Reviews

  • “High quality with plenty of space. This is the second booq bag i've picked up based on the quality of manufacture. The materials used and fabrication are superior and result in a bag that's both well made and stylish. I'm a big fan of the magnetic fasteners for the pockets: no noisy velcro allows you to be stealthy in meetings, library sessions or lectures. I do have one gripe with the bag that the straps are a little uncomfortable at the waist when its loaded up. There is a bit of padding but it's pretty much useless and gets pushed aside when walking making this a short-haul only backpack. That aside this is a bag i would have no hesitation in recommending very highly. Thanks again to rushfaster for a great buying experience.”
    Laurie G from Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
  • “Weight capacity. I'll say right now that the bag is one of the best i have ever had the pleasure to own. Build quality is top class, top to bottom. // with exception to the shoulder straps. // i've used mine as a tool bag, it carries about 8kg of weight with laptop. I doubt it is pushing the weight capacity of the bag however within two months (of constant, everyday use) the top of the shoulder straps separated from the top of the bag. // this arises, in my opinion, from a fundamental flaw in the design of the bag. If too much pressure is exerted on these shoulder straps (ie, lifting suddenly by a shoulder strap rather than by the carry handle) then over time, the strap will simply tear away from the foam panel to which it is stitched. // if it didn't come with a 5 year warranty this would be a major issue. I'm now on my 2nd bag after getting the first replaced under warranty. With any luck, booq will fix this issue in subsequent designs or by updated the current designs. //.”
    Stephen P from Epsom, VIC, Australia
  • “disappointing. The stitching on one strap came apart when the bag was lifted out the box. Otherwise construction appeared bullet proof. Bag needs an external waterbootle holder.”
    Eric R from Lane Cove, NSW, Australia
  • “the mutt's nuts. Ordered for the first time with rushfaster & top quality service. Thank you adam & natalie for your help. As for the product, it has completely exceeded my expectations, which are extremely high! I looked around carefully at lots of other bags for my macbook pro 15. 4 / ipod & so glad i got this. The build quality & design is fab. Lots & lots of pockets for power cables, earphones, memory cards & the padded inner pocket for the macbook is extremely well protected should it be dropped but i recommend you buy the vyper 3 sleeve too. If you're thinking of ordering this, i'd say buy it! You can't buy a better bag for carrying all your geeky/boytoys! Quality.”
    mark c from leicester, leicestershire, United Kingdom
  • “. The padding, materials, stitching and are far superior to previous backpacks that i own. True, booq backpacks are more expensive, but you do get what you paid for. I als considered the boa 17" as well as the python 17", but in decided that mor often than not my needs did not require the extra space. If you will be carrying irregular shaped objects, then consider the larger bags. The bag has also received several comments for looks and style.”
    RENATO F from SYDNEY, NSW, Australia
  • “Very well designed. I use this backpack as my toolbag. My laptop (a dell inspiron d600) fits perfectly in here (though there is side pads that can be removed and a widescreen laptop would fit easily as well), and my tool roll and other bits all fit snugly inside. The material feels tough and looks the biz, including the zippers which are all stitched inside out. (to protect them i would guess) the straps are great, plenty of padding in the back to protect the laptop. Normally wouldn't spend more than $100 on a work tool bag but i would be surprised if it didn't last longer than 5 years. Absolutely worth the money paid for it. If only i could get some of my other techs to convert!!”
    Stephen P from Epsom, VIC, Australia
  • “. Very heavy bag.”
    Anthony K from Yennora, NSW, Australia
  • “Awesome Backup. Awesome.”
    Alexander M from PROSPECT, SA, Australia
  • “new Boa 3M Laptop backpack is great. At first i was not sure if this bag was big enough for my 15" macbook pro and all my stuff but it is well designed and has lots of usable space inside. Some of the pockets inside the bag have magnetic tabs so the pocket closes but is easy to open. I've had bags with velcro tabs in the past and they tend to wear out over time. The bag is also very comfortable to wear on my back, it fits well and is easy to take on and off.”
    Glenn C from COLLAROY, NSW, Australia
  • “excellent, excellent bag! This is my 4th booq bag in as many years and i must say they weren't joking when they said this was their best one to-date! All my other booq bags are all very much alive and perfect (they're truly built to last! ) but have now been gifted away to make space for this one. Carries much more than expected and if you're a fan of "everything in its place" bags, this is your best bet. Happily surprised at how light it feels on the back despite it carrying just as much stuff as its older brothers and its dimensions and style are just perfect. Can't say enough about how good this bag is (and other booq bags are). The waist strap didn't come with the package, but got the bag far earlier than expected so kinda just let that pass.”
    Alfred C from Singapore City, Singapore, Singapore