Bluelounge Nest iPad Stand + Desk Organiser - Green

The Bluelounge Nest iPad Stand + Desk Organiser - Green has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Bluelounge Nest iPad Stand + Desk Organiser - Green

  • Weight 0.14 kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

The Bluelounge Nest is the ideal place to rest your iPad. Either horizontally where the rubber lining cushions the backside, or vertically where the hidden cradle slides out and holds it in place. The always useful Nest is a compact solution that is an unobtrusive asset on any desk, next to a laptop or bedside table. When not in use, it blends into any environment as it cradles your keys, USB and other small necessities. Nest is a harmonious balance between style, practicality and value. This multipurpose product has heaps to discover and offer. It is compatible with all current iPads and most tablets.

  • Compatible with most tablets, including all current iPads
  • Works with both unprotected tablets and those in hard cases or folios
  • Position your tablet horizontally with the rubber lining cushioning the backside, or vertically with the hidden slider cradle holding your tablet in place
  • Soft, nonslip rubber lining protects your tablet
  • Doubles as a storage accessory. When not in use as a tablet stand, works as a spot to hold your keys, USB flash drive, and other small necessities
  • Nest is an unobtrusive asset for your home or office. Place it on any desk, nightstand or coffee table

Customer Reviews

  • “A portable cubby hole. Great for stashing and phone related accessories like earbuds, micro fibre cloths or keys near an entrance. Liked the idea so much i bought a couple. No regrets at all.”
    David F from Bunbury, WA, Australia