Bellroy iPhone 6s Plus Case (3 card) - Java

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The Bellroy iPhone 6s Plus Case (3 card) - Java has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Bellroy iPhone 6s Plus Case (3 card) - Java

  • External Dimensions 16 x 8 x 1.1 cm
  • Weight 0.10 kg
  • Material Leather
  • Warranty 3 Year Warranty

The slim phone case that doubles as a minimal wallet. No more bulky pockets on a run, or digging around for your card as you commute. Made from flexible polycarbonate for strength, and full-grain leather so it feels great, we've made sure it only takes a swipe of the thumb to release your cards. Tuck a bill behind the case and make a night out effortless too.

  • SIM card slot
  • Vegetable-tanned leather and polycarbonate
  • Soft microfiber lining and chamfered edges
  • Backed by our 3 year warranty
  • Designed specifically for the iPhone 6s+, compatible with the iPhone 6+

Customer Reviews

  • “Magic. .”
    DERRICK W from TUSMORE, SA, Australia
  • “Great case. This is my fourth — yup, you read that right — bellroy phone case. I originally bought a blue one, and the rubber lip ended up cracking and then later breaking on the corners. True to their word, bellroy replaced that, but unfortunately, the same happened again. They were very apologetic, and offered a refund, replacement or upgrade to the phone wallet, because they believed they had received a bad batch of the phone case. I jumped at that, thinking i wanted the phone wallet. It worked out not to be so good for me, mainly because of the car cradle i have not liking the fold-over cover. So, i went back to the 3-card case. This one is just perfect. The rubber lip feels, well, rubbery. It has a bit of yield, unlike the earlier ones i'd received, and so far there seems to be no indication that i'll have the same problem. Truth be told, i think the black looks smarter too. I love having my licence and two primary credit cards with me all the time, without having to find somewhere for my wallet as well. I see that bellroy just released an equivalent case for the iphone 7, which has a slot in it for a sim-key as well as sim card. In my view, this is the *only* thing missing from this case. That aside, it's elegant, slim, comfortable to hold, and provides good protection. The leather is very tight initially, but stretches a little over time so the cards become easier to slide in and out, but not so stretched that it can't securely retain the cards. Great bit of kid imho.”
    Kyle M from Hillside, VIC, Australia
  • “Pack light! Kudos to bellroy - this thing is form and function all in one!”
    Mark S from STUART PARK, NT, Australia
  • “Perfect fit & functional. Bellroy are known to make exceptional products that are of the highest quality & functional, the bellroy 3 card case for the iphone 6s plus is a fine example of a superbly crafted product that serves it's purpose well.”
    Harry P from Kingsford, NSW, Australia