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All The Kings Men Midi 15" Laptop Messenger (Limited Edition) - Midi 15" Laptop Messenger (Limited Edition)

The All The Kings Men Midi 15" Laptop Messenger (Limited Edition) - Midi 15" Laptop Messenger (Limited Edition) has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About All The Kings Men Midi 15" Laptop Messenger (Limited Edition) - Midi 15" Laptop Messenger (Limited Edition)

  • External Dimensions 37.50 x 30.00 x 6.000 cm
  • Weight 0.60 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 36.50 x 28.50 x 5.000 cm
  • Material 300 gsm Canvas
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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A charismatic bag that brags an equilibrium between style & functionality. The flawless Midi has no superfluous elements. It's padded to fit most 15"?? laptops. The ATKM Midi bag is the middle man of the All The Kings Men bag range designed for 15" Powerbooks, Macbook Pro's and most 15" PC laptops. The slim design means that the ATKM Midi will keep you looking spruce, even if you dont have a laptop, this bag just looks really darn cool.

What makes this bag really unique is the shoulder strap, which is an aeroplane seatbelt with a strength indicator of 2500. The bag can be worn on one shoulder or across the body, and with the buckle resting on your upper chest, the bag is very comfortable to use. Each bag has a unique seatbelt tag and hand stamped (unique) number imprinted on the front. All The Kings Men bags are made in Melbourne, Australia so you can be assured of a totally funky and well built bag.

  • Limited Edition
  • Genuine aeroplane seatbelt strap
  • Superdux 300 Polyester Cotton 300 gsm Canvas
  • Padded section that fits laptops up to 15", including the new Unibody 15" MacBook Pro
  • Contains a removable padded divider to keep your laptop snug
  • Separate pouch for your power supply and mouse
  • Velcro fastening on main compartment and outer pouch
  • Made In Australia

Customer Reviews

  • “. My son was very pleased with the "cool" bag.”
    Lynne J from Newtown, VIC, Australia
  • “. Product is absolutely fantastic, its particularly unique in the u. K. Due to its origin so it looks seriously fresh, and on a less narcissistic note... Its very well made from great tactile fabrics and is yet sturdy and protective. Fantastic product and a great service from rushfaster.. Very highly recommended!!!!”
    Adam H from bolton, lancs, United Kingdom
  • “Is this not the coolest bag ever? This is my second atkm midi bag - i also have the brown one and now have my eyes set of the yellow one. Enough said. Also, good luck trying to find service better than that you receive from rushfaster.”
    Thea T from WILSTON, QLD, Australia
  • “The best bag I have ever owned. This bag is seriously the best i have ever owned, it lives up to every claim. I ride my motorbike everywhere i go and the strap fills me with confidence that it's not going to come apart on the road. The adjustable strap is prefect for pulling the bag right up to your back which is great for when your riding fast or letting it loose for when your strutting around. I've even tested the water resistance of the bag, 100 km on the motorway exposed to heavy rain and not a drop inside, the bag itself didn't even seem to get wet as the water just slid right off. My macbook pro 15" fits snugly inside, with the front pocket reserved for the charger pack.”
    Marc G from Burleigh Waters, QLD, Australia
  • “Nice bag, shame about the screw. I've found it to be a wonderful bag, and i've had quite a few comments on it. It seems that they have changed the seatbelt latch since the review article, as i cannot remove the screw at all, and have sadly managed to strip it in a vain attempt to remove it for the uber cool 'hey look, i can undo my bag' factor. Ah well. I'll get it undone one day! Seriously, a great bag. Well worth it!”
    Frances C from Invermay, TAS, Australia
  • “Good bag for laptops. Very well padded bag for my macbook. Still manage to squeeze in one file even though it's kind of tight inside.”
    Benny Z from Maroubra, NSW, Australia
  • “sweet bag. It is a good quality bag all round, well made and fits my macbook pro perfectly.”
    Richard M from MAYLANDS, WA, Australia
  • “All The Kings Men Laptop Messenger Bag (Limited Edition). First of all i really have to say that the service and delivery of the product were superior. After few emails with rushfaster staff i did order the bag to finland. I got the delivery in 4 working days. I did place my order on thursday and got it on tuesday. That is some quick delivery around the globe. To make it even better finland is not listed on rushfaster countries to deliver list. I just have to give 5 out of 5 for the delivery and service. Just perfect. <br><br> about the laptop bag it self. First i gotta say the messenger bag looks even better if possible when you see it up close. Excelent graftmanship, nothing is left half way done, every detail is done just perfectly. <br><br> the midi bag is just the right size for my dell 620 and seems padded enough to save my laptop if i prop the bag on the floor by accident. The bag is light weight and fits all i need (laptop, notebook and some promo stuff). Only thing that i would've added is small pockets in side of the outside pocket to hold business cards and pens, but aside that there is nothing i would chnage in this bag. <br><br> i've been talking maybe too much about the technical stuff since the reason i bought the bag was its design but i since graftmanship etc were over the top i felt i need to review that part of the product as well. <br><br> to the main thing then the design. The bag has unigue airplane seatbelt design in it. First i thought that the buckle could be a bit too heavy and unconfortable when using the bag, but i'm happy to be wrong. It is light weight and the buckle rests nicely on my chest when using. The seatbelt design is actually quite handy, since it is easy to tihgten the carrying strap to lenght you want on the fly. The parts of buckle is screwed together to prevent anyone to "be too funny and unbuckle you while carrying your laptop" the flan on the buckle still works normally and you can unscrew it if you want to ba able to open it. <br><br> all in all, this bag is an eye catcher with great quality and usability. I have not been in a one client meeting with this back without gettting questions where have you got that bag. That tells you alot.”
    Juha H from Espoo, -, Finland