All The Kings Men Maxi 17" Laptop Messenger - Red

The All The Kings Men Maxi 17" Laptop Messenger - Red has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About All The Kings Men Maxi 17" Laptop Messenger - Red

  • External Dimensions 40.5 x 30.5 x 6 cm
  • Weight 0.64 kg
  • Laptop Compartment Size 39.5 x 28.5 x 5 cm
  • Material 300gsm canvas
  • Volume 25 L
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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The ATKM Maxi bag is the largest of the All The Kings Men Maxi bag range, it fits the 17" MacBook Pro and most 17" size PC laptops. You'll be glad to know, however, that big doesn't always mean bulky. The slim design means that the ATKM Maxi will keep you looking spruce, even if you don't have a laptop, this bag just looks really darn cool.

What makes this bag really unique is the shoulder strap, which is an aeroplane seatbelt with a strength indicator of 2500. The bag can be worn on one shoulder or across the body, and with the buckle resting on your upper chest, the bag is very comfortable to use. Each bag has a unique seatbelt tag and hand stamped (unique) number imprinted on the front. All The Kings Men bags are made in Melbourne, Australia so you can be assured of a totally funky and well built bag.

  • Genuine aeroplane seatbelt strap provides extra strength for carrying heavy items
  • Superdux 300 Polyester Cotton 300 gsm Canvas
  • Padded section that fits laptops up to 17", including the new Unibody 17" MacBook Pro protects laptop from abrasions and scratches
  • Contains a removable padded divider to keep your laptop snug
  • Separate pouch to hold your power supply and mouse
  • Velcro fastening on main compartment and outer pouch to ensure bag remains closed
  • Made In Australia

Customer Reviews

  • “well made and excellent product. .”
    Denise R from Forbes, NSW, Australia
  • “one very happy Customer and a delighted gift recipient! .”
    Tania D from Willoughby, NSW, Australia
  • “. The messenger bag is everything it was advertised to be, it's perfect. The laptop fits like a dream thanks to the easy steps for choosing the bag on line, and the bag presents exactly as it does on line; no nasty surprises (like some holiday accomodations advertised on line!!! ). The quality of the bag is fantastic, and it's so much better than the bags i'd been looking at in retail stores. I'm 100% happy with the bag and the service from rushfaster.”
    Janet T from BARWON HEADS, VIC, Australia
  • “Nifty green bag. Very happy with the bag, happy with the service it was shipped to me in a couple of days, and i loved the m&m's thanks guys.”
    Don G from Charters Towers, QLD, Australia
  • “Stylish, practical and generally awesome. I have owned this bag for around a year now and have found that it has provided both stability and style to all that it has carried. Unlike many other single-strap bags that i have owned in the past the bag both feels sturdy and comfortable to wear. I have been asked countless times where i purchased the bag and many have stopped to admire and/or have a look at it. Additionally, the bag has proved sturdy for carrying "essentials" (heavy textbooks, ipad etc) both to and from university. The straps (which usually appear to break most frequently on these types of bag) so far show no signs of damage. The bags only real drawback that i have found is it's ability to show off any and all dirt, which is merely irritating rather than an issue. Over all a great bag, which i both enjoy and would recommend to anyone looking for quality, comfort and style.”
    Sean D from Cairns, QLD, Australia
  • “What a bag. This would have to be the best design for a 17" laptop bag i've seen. And i've been looking all over the place for something decent. That is if you're after a bag for your laptop, your phone a few bits and pieces and nothing else. Ok, depending on how flat your lunch bag is, you may be able to squeeze that in as well but this bag is for those who travel light. Just like myself. I therefore like it a lot! The airplane seatbelt is something you will either find annoying or you get used to it. It's not practical at all and won't keep in position. Meaning the strap will extend all too easily so each time you pick up your bag you will have to re-adjust it. Nifty design, but i could do without.”
    Stefan S from Brighton, QLD, Australia
  • “Best choice I've made for a bag!! The atkm maxi 17" laptop messenger is very stylish and turns heads everywhere i take it. It's simple design and unique style with the seat belt gives it character. Functionally, it can carry my 15" macbook pro (while it is in a sleeve) quite comfortably and other bits and pieces. The best messenger bag for functionality and style in my opinion!”
    Nirmal L from GLENELG, SA, Australia
  • “laptop bag. I bought this laptop bag for my son. He is very happy with both the look and functionality of it - which is great, cos he's very fussy! I was pleased with the quick delivery of the bag and the lack of fuss surrounding the whole ordering process. Thanks very much, deb.”
    Deb C from Loxton, SA, Australia
  • “Over promised and under delivered. Really disappointed with this bag. Colour intensity in reality does not match image depicted. The large numerals are quite faded out. Need to remove center divider to accommodate 17 mac book pro with neoprene sleeve. Biggest disappointment is the strap,whilst looking funky and industrial, it constantly gets twisted meaning that you have to unhinge it and flatten out, the strap is too short for those that like it low slung,seat belt clasp is centered on strap meaning that at full strap extension it sits squarely on top of collar bone, maybe this should have been off centered. I over looked the expensive cost thinking the design elements were well executed, unfortunately they are not. I wouldn't recommend or consider this brand again.”
    david w from corinda, QLD, Australia
  • “More style than substance. I was bored with the plain messenger bag offerings from the other companies, so i decided to take a punt on this fashionable and expensive bag from atkm. Unfortunately, i have been somewhat disappointed with the bag, especially considering its relative expense. Although the overall quality is good, its design has several major shortcomings. Firstly (and most importantly) the level of protection offered by the bag is less than some of the other brands. The padding is quite thin and i felt i had to be careful putting the bag down for risk of denting the laptop. For an expensive bag this is unacceptable and shows that the company spent more attention designing the look of the bag than worrying about its functionality. I don't mind paying a price premium for a trendy look, but that should come in addition to being well designed and functional, not instead of. Secondly, the "waterproof" nature of this bag is highly dubious because of two gaping holes on the top left and right of the bag when closed, exposing the corners of the laptop. I would not want to be caught in rain without another level of protection for my laptop. Thirdly, the size of the storage pocket is very small. It is barely enough to fit my laptop charger with extension fitting (a tight squeeze) and (unlike another reviewer claims) will not fit anything else such as a mouse or small external hard drive, which are common accessories needed on the road. If you still insist on buying this bag for the look, you really need an extra level of protection, such as a laptop sleeve. A 17" macbook pro will still easily fit in the bag with a sleeve. I bought a builtny sleeve which serves this purpose well, but that brings the total cost to about $300! I'm not too disappointed overall because i wanted the sleeve anyway (for airports where you have to send the laptop through the scanner) and some other bags won't fit a laptop with added sleeve, especially the generously thick builtny sleeves. Unlike some other brands i think the atkm bags were designed to accommodate a sleeve, but a bit of extra protection without a sleeve would have been good. Lastly i got the yellow "runway" version and as some other people have posted the canvas seems to discolour very quickly and easily, almost as if it was designed to. So if you think this will bother you i'd recommend getting one of the darker colours. The yellow version is also not as bright and vibrant in colour as the pictures depict.”
    Simon M from Surry Hills, NSW, Australia