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Aeroportz Wallet 2.0 Silicon File Wallet - White

The Aeroportz Wallet 2.0 Silicon File Wallet - White has been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. Please see similar producs that are in stock below…
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More Information About Aeroportz Wallet 2.0 Silicon File Wallet - White

  • External Dimensions 11.50 x 9.200 x 2.200 cm
  • Weight 0.32 kg
  • Material Silicone
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty

Meet Wallet 2.0, the original multi-purpose soft silicone wallet. It looks nothing like a wallet at first glance although the size is similar to that of a standard wallet. The Wallet 2.0 is a smart filing system for your pocket. It comes with refill pockets (like folders) to separately hold your money, cards, coins, receipts and more.

Wallet 2.0 is a great idea for birthday gifts, christmas gifts and other occassions.

  • World's first silicone soft wallet
  • Extraordinary design of patent pending wallet system
  • Strong & durable protection for your money and cards
  • Water resistant finish with a nice feel
  • Built in strap holes for side chain or lanyard
  • Refill sheets for cards, bills, coins etc.

Customer Reviews

  • “funky but not functional. Whoever designed this wallet didn't design it to be used as a wallet. The silicone material makes it very friction prone and its difficult to put in or take out off your pocket. The compartment sleeves are equally difficult to put in and take out. The coin/notes compartment doubles (if not triples) the time it takes to get money out or put money back in. Cards wise its quite good thought and relatively easy to take out and slide back in. But it is funky.”
    gana p from Homebush, NSW, Australia
  • “Cool desin! It's got nice design. I haven't used it yet...”
    Yasuhiro H from Warwick Farm, NSW, Australia
  • “Really useful thing.... I love the wallet 2. 0 because it lets me keep all the things i need organised and protected. No more bus tickets with curled edges or crumpled receipts. The inserts are more durable than expected and each work for their intended purpose, sliding out easily when you need coins, notes etc. The feel of the silicon cover is wonderful, but after only 17 days it has ripped where the top opens. I like the wallet 2. 0 so much that i would consider replacing it in the future, but treat it with much more care.”
    Rebecca S from Winston Hills, NSW, Australia