Cub and Company

Started out of love for method and craft, form and function, Cub & Co. seeks to channel artisanal instincts and an era where things were made carefully, by hand, with materials of the highest quality. Cub & Company strives to find the all-important balance between practicality and aesthetic beauty. Each strap and holster is made by hand, from scratch, with pristine quality full grain leather. The leather is initially hand treated and waterproofed with bees wax and natural oils, then meticulously buffed and finished to a beautiful sheen. Similarly, each piece is hand-stitched using the strongest of waxed linen threads, and reinforced with beeswax. Each aspect of our products from design to functionality are thought out and vetted to bring you goods made to the highest quality standards, with vision and foresight. It is to uphold these standards that we've consciously decided to produce our items in limited quantities. Once the availability of the items are depleted, we will go onto working on our next run of production. This way, we can ensure that the first piece that goes out is as well designed and carefully made as the last.