BASICS was founded in the summer of 2014 by cousins Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, but its beginnings can be traced back to summers in Montana when they were kids. Each summer they explored something new, but they never stopped creating: zip lines, forts in the forest, homemade movies, just to name a few.

They launched their first project on Kickstarter, the BASICS wallet, just for fun but ended up quitting their day jobs after raising $171,000. People went crazy over its innovative design and function. Jacob and Jon lived in their notebooks as they were designing and bringing the BASICS wallet to life, without realising it at the time, their second product was born… The BASICS Notebook. They were able to raise $383,000 on Kickstarter, over double the funding of the wallet. They are deeply grateful to their Kickstarter Backers and other supporters and can’t wait to deliver more innovative products to the world!