Tile is the original Bluetooth tracker, having launched via a successful crowdsourcing campaign in 2013.  With over $2,500,000 raised from nearly 50,000 backers, the device promised to help users locate any object attached to the small Bluetooth connected tag.

After many versions and updates, Tile now welcomes its newest member – the Tile Sport. Featuring a compact rugged appearance – the Tile Sport is designed for an active lifestyle. It’s noticeably thicker and heavier, with a metal frame embracing the device for maximum protection from physical impact.

Tile Sport

Along with appearance, its capability is also enhanced to accommodate the heavy-duty use. Its Bluetooth range is doubled – now up to 200 feet (or approx. 60 metres), making this Tile’s most powerful Bluetooth tracker yet. It’s also twice as loud to ensure you can hear it in loud places. However, if you’re in a quiet environment like at home or at the office, the alarm sound might be a little too loud, which can be adjusted between 3 different volume settings – muted, half or full.

How it works

Like the rest of the Tile Family, Tile Sport uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Tile app on your phone or tablet. Download the app first –  it takes less than a minute to set up your Tile Sport on your phone. Then attach it to an item such as your wallet or keychain. From then on, you can track your tiled item with ease wherever you are.

Tile SportYou can ring your misplayed tiled item from your phone. If your Tile is within its Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it. Now with the doubled volume and Bluetooth range, it’s even easier to track your lost item. If it’s outside through the Bluetooth range, you can use the app to track its last known location on a map or get help from the Tile community to find it for you.

You can anonymously get every Tile app on the lookouts to find your lost Tile. Your own Tile app will communicate with other Tile apps to help track it down. So when someone who’s also running the Tile app comes within range of your lost Tile, the app will geolocate it and send you a notification of the location. Tile has sold over 10 million units worldwide, making it the largest lost and found community in the world, so the chances more people will have Tile app. As soon as someone’s phone detects the missing Tile, you’ll get a notification telling you exactly where to go to continue the search for yourself.

Tile Sport

Learn more about Tile Sport here.

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