If you have a couple of old yellow pages books lying around, they could masquerade as cheap laptop stands for MacBooks. But, take a look at any of the laptops in their line-up, and it’s evident that Apple makes some of the most well-built premium devices around. You’re going to want to pop it on something that looks nice, is well designed, and is more robust than a stack of books. While Apple’s laptops have gotten thinner, lighter and more portable over the years, one thing they can’t fix with their designs is poor ergonomics. Hunching yourself for hours over a laptop is not only detrimental to your posture, but also your mind. As the spine is the central hub your nerves travel along to send messages to your brain, it is imperative that you keep this pathway in the best condition possible for those messages to travel with maximum efficiency. We’ve chosen some sleek, sturdy laptop stands for MacBooks that will improve your workflow and more importantly, keep your posture in check.

Roost Laptop Stand

The most portable option on this list, the Roost Laptop Stand for MacBooks is ideal for those whose office is always on the move but have limited space in their backpack. It’s the most expensive stand on this list at $129.95 but offers the most versatility. When folded up, the stand looks like a slim camera tripod and weighs a mere 200g. However, once set up you have a highly adjustable stand that lets you fix your laptop at the ideal height when you’re working for extended periods of time.

Because the Roost Laptop Stand is so light, you may be hesitant about trusting your expensive MacBook in its grip. The team over at Roost have your back, implementing a pivoting grip mechanism that grips the bottom of the laptop, protecting it from sliding off or toppling over. These grips also accommodate the whole MacBook lineup, so compatibility isn’t an issue. Pair it with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and you’ll have a mobile workstation that can fit into a laptop bag. This is one of our most highly recommended laptop stands for MacBooks as it is suitable for the travelling professional who doesn’t have a fixed office.

In fact, we’ve been using it for some time on our own travels, as we often need to stay in touch with the office. Being so small we can pop it into our carry on luggage, along with a keyboard and mouse, and set it up in the lounge while we wait for our flight. Before the Roost Laptop Stand, we’d often spend hours on end hunched over a cramped hotel room desk trying to catch up on work at the end of the day. We still have to do it, but now we can work for longer periods of time, with greater efficiency, and in more comfort.

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Twelve South HiRise

If you’re looking for something that combines elegant design with superb functionality, then the Twelve South HiRise MacBook stand is worth checking out. You’ll pay a little extra for it at $99.95, but the build quality is superb. The aluminium finish will match the design of your MacBook, as well as provide some durability to the stand. Your MacBook sits on two arms, orientated in a V-shape to promote optimal airflow beneath the laptop and stop it from overheating. Those V-shaped arms will hold all three sizes of the MacBook as well. As with most laptop stands for MacBooks, it’s best used with an external mouse and keyboard as the angle for typing when propped up on the stand isn’t ideal for your wrists; not to mention it will wobble if you try to type with the laptop on the stand.

The HiRise isn’t a portable solution and is best incorporated into a permanent desk setup. The Stand has six inches of adjustability so it can be paired perfectly with an external monitor, allowing you to line up the bottoms of each screen, so they’re parallel. This also allows you to alter your desk setup around the house or the office as needed. It’s best paired with an external mouse and keyboard, and the elevated design keeps desk clutter to a minimum, offering some storage space underneath. And just look at how beautiful it is, the HiRise could just as easily been designed by Apple themselves.

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Griffin Elevator

If you’re looking for a colour coordinated setup, then the Griffin Elevator is your best option. It comes in three colours to match your Silver, Space Gray or Gold MacBook, but at this stage, there isn’t a Rose Gold option. There is also a darker black option that contrasts well against lighter laptops. The outer is finished with a brushed-aluminium, while the two legs join together via perspex bar. When you first assemble the stand it will feel a little wobbly, don’t worry it’s meant to. The weight of your MacBook on top will weigh it down and prevent it from moving. There is also ample space underneath the base and the arms to store books, extra peripherals or a docking station.

The Griffin Elevator has been designed to create an improved ergonomic setup at all times, free of any fiddly adjustments. Just pop your laptop on the stand and enjoy a more comfortable working experience. It supports MacBooks up to 15”, with the rubber padding on the arms and base of the stand to prevent your laptop or the Elevator itself from sliding anywhere by accident.

Though it’s not quite as portable as some other laptop stands for MacBooks, the Griffin Elevator can be taken traveling. The two legs pop in and out of the perspex bottom quite easily, letting the whole unit fit pretty easily into a backpack or suitcase. It’s not ideal to take and set up anywhere, but if you’re in for an extended stay away from your office, it’s worth taking the Griffin Elevator with you.

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