Even if it didn’t win a coveted Gold Medal at the Australian Good Design Awards, the Sttoke Cup would still be just as widely acclaimed as it is now. This lightweight, shatterproof and reusable coffee cup has been met with praise ever since launching in May 2018, in the famously coffee-obsessed city of Melbourne, Australia.

Considering around 2.7 million disposable coffee cups are sent to landfill in Australia every day, the Sttoke Cup is perfect for those who have the desire to reduce their footprint. The eccentric, beautifully designed cup comes with a number of smart features to ensure everything about the coffee drinking experience is as smooth as possible.


Most importantly, Sttoke have included a Greblon ceramic interior, making full use of the German-engineered, water-based material due to its design as a non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy to clean solution. This also has the benefit of keeping the cup completely odourless, when compared to plastic and metallic alternatives, meaning the flavour integrity of the coffee is maintained with no imparted flavours or smells.

Ceramic is also used for its heat retention properties, complemented by a careful double-wall insulation design using 304 food-grade stainless steel. Thanks to this, you can expect 3 hours of heat retention and, for cold drinks, 6 hours of temperature control. No more will you have to burn your hand while holding hot coffee, making the super lightweight and travel-friendly Sttoke Cup extremely valuable for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

Every inch of this cup has been designed with a balance of form and function in mind. The base is rubberised to help the cup maintain balance when placing it on any surface, as well as allowing for the imprint of some short care instructions which dictate that the cup should be hand-washed and kept out of the microwave.

The spill-proof lid features a double-layered rubber grip for a tight, secure seal to prevent any spillage. Much like other travel mugs, it features a simple slider that easily lifts off the cup, working with the body’s unconventional shape which helps distinguish the cup as a nice, sleek and design-forward alternative to what’s on the market.

Although aside from its unique aesthetic choice, the shape is also ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, reflecting the elegance and minimalism that make this one of the best-designed cups available.

The Sttoke Cup is available in either an 8oz or 12oz size, with various colourways in a premium matte finish.


Thanks to its sleek, ergonomic design and distinctive shape, the Sttoke Cup is an exceptional solution for anyone after an alternative to disposable coffee cups. Intelligent features like the use of a lightweight ceramic interior ensure that the flavour integrity of both hot and cold drinks is maintained precisely, ensuring that every sip is completely faithful to the drink’s original profile.

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