A packing solution for avid travellers needing to take some extra pairs of shoes with them, the Peak Design Shoe Pouch offers thoughtful design and seamless, easy access thanks to the intelligent use of high-quality materials.Peak Design Shoe Pouch

Whether it’s for shoes or anything else in your travel carry, this is a strong, ultralight and ultra-packable pouch designed to fit perfectly into any bag in the Peak Design Travel Line – a collection that also includes various camera cubes, packing cubes, tech pouches, and wash pouches.

Peak Design Shoe Pouch Travel Bag


The use of a single piece of ultralight, self-healing 70D nylon and polyester blend reduces the need for any seams or stitching, which in turn helps keep the pouch super durable. In addition, the material is 100% recycled, abrasion-resistant and also weatherproof, offering you everything you could want out of a shoe pouch.

Peak Design Shoe Pouch Internal

While the pouch is big enough to typically fit 1-2 pairs of shoes, depending on the size and profile of the shoe, it only weighs in at a feathery 48g. Whatever you put in will also be protected from the elements while also being kept completely separate from everything else in your travel carry, thanks to a water protective zoom zipper. This is especially helpful for those wanting to quarantine shoes which are especially muddy or soaked.

Peak Design Shoe Pouch Packed


Whether you’re using it to store shoes, or just as a little bag in case you need more storage mid-trip, the Peak Design Shoe Pouch is an excellent solution to a commonly overlooked travel issue. When not in use, the pouch can be stowed away in a tiny self-integrated storage pouch of its own, making it an unobtrusive item in your carry case to ensure you have as much space as possible. It’s this remarkably versatile profile that makes the Peak Design Shoe Pouch incredibly valuable for any traveller.

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