Forget everything you’ve always thought about a tote bag. The humble member of the everyday carry family has just been revolutionised by the Peak Design team. A classic shape with tonnes of useful features, the Peak Design Everyday Tote is an impressive carry horse. Need a camera bag that’s not too bulky? Or a baby bag for all those nappies and bottles? This bag might just be what you’re looking for.

Peak Design Everyday Tote Buckle


We could tell just by looking at this tote bag that it is well made and durable. A sturdy, flat base gives the tote structural integrity and allows the bag to stand upright on surfaces. We love this strong shell because it’s really different to traditional totes, that usually just fall in on themselves and engulf the entire contents of the bag. The Peak Design Everyday Tote is built more like a baby bag, where everything inside is easily reachable. This made it super easy to for us to grab things quickly in a rush.

For our review, we looked at the Ash colourway which has subtle tan leather accents throughout. The metal hardware is striking but still minimal, adding a nice industrial feel to the bag. We also loved the delicate touches of contrast blue, found in the stitching details and some of the internal linings.

Peak Design Everyday Tote Entry


The Everyday Tote is accessed via the top of the bag, just like other traditional totes. However, a clever magnetic strip which sits along the edge ensures that the main compartment can be completely sealed. We found it really easy to flick the magnets apart with one hand and gain entry to the inside quickly and conveniently. The trick to carrying more bulky loads is a small metal latch that clips onto a loop at the top of the bag. This allowed us to pack the tote right up to the brim but still be able to keep our gear tightly secured inside.

Two alternative entry points can also be found down the sides of the tote. These vertical zippered openings provide priority access without having to remove the bag from the shoulder. These side entries proved to be incredibly handy while on the run. Being able to keep moving but still easily grab something out of the bag was a big advantage.

Peak Design Everyday Tote Side Zippers

Storage Space

We found that the main chamber was large and spacious with plenty of room for everyday essentials or a small army of camera gear. Each Peak Design Everyday Tote comes with two flex-fold dividers that allowed us to really customise our carry. The dividers almost felt like little origami sections which we could fold in a variety of ways. We really liked that we could create little “shelves” and “cubby holes”, making it really easy to sort and stack gear inside the bag. What’s fantastic about these little dividers is that they pack down to be completely flat and don’t get in your way when not in use. There’s also a dedicated internal laptop sleeve with tablet holder that houses up to a 15″ device. We popped a 13″ MacBook Pro in here and our computer was held snugly in place and didn’t move around much.

Peak Design Everyday Tote Dividers

Peak Design Everyday Tote Dividers

Convertible Straps

Depending on how heavy your load is, you may want to carry the Everyday Tote as a backpack instead. The nylon webbed straps can be lengthened to pop the bag on your back instead of on one shoulder. We carried the tote as a backpack with one camera body and lens, a 13″ MacBook Pro plus some other daily items like a thin jumper and water bottle. Although the tote was comfortable to wear this way, it’s important to note that the straps are relatively thin and unpadded which might not be ideal for some. Alternatively, the straps can also be extended and the Everyday Tote can be worn as a messenger bag too.

Peak Design Everyday Tote Straps

The Peak Design Everyday Tote is probably the most versatile bag out of the whole Everyday Range. It’s suitable for photographers, travellers, mums, dads, students, and anyone who likes to keep their everyday carry gear neatly organised.

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