A small and compact daily bag that holds just the essentials. The Peak Design Everyday Sling will minimise and organise your everyday carry. Great for transporting a small camera kit, this bag is the baby of the new Everyday Range and the most portable option. We recently took one out for a spin so we could give you our thoughts and first impressions.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Couch


The Everyday Sling boasts a minimal aesthetic with a slight outdoor/adventure vibe. The bag’s streamlined design cleverly conceals a lot of its features from view. Handy elements such as strap adjusters are hidden away which keeps the bag looking neat and simple.

The Sling looks just like any other small messenger bag that you’d take out on short trips. We love that it doesn’t really resemble a camera bag, making it a versatile carry bag for a bunch of different occasions.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Internal

Storage Space

The Peak Design Everyday Sling is small and compact. You won’t be able to carry around your entire camera kit in here but that’s not really what this little guy is for. This pack is designed to transport a carefully curated selection of photography equipment. It’s a handy solution for the professional ducking out to a quick shoot or a hobbyist photographer taking some holiday snaps. The Everyday Sling is spacious enough to hold all the essentials but its petite shape makes the bag easy to carry around all day.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Couch

Despite its small size, the Everyday Sling’s flex-fold dividers transform the modest 10L interior into a really useful storage space. The dividers create a nice and comfortable setup for 1 full frame camera and 2 lenses. We could fit a Canon 7D MK11 body with 1 x 50mm lens and 1 x 24-70mm zoom lens, but this didn’t leave a lot of room for much else.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Internal

At the front of the bag, there’s a secondary zippered pocket. This section is useful for storing small personal items like a phone or wallet. The long horizontal zip allows for a wide opening which makes it easy to search for bits and bobs inside. A quick release of the external compression straps also expands this compartment for bulkier loads.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Red Pocket


Depending on your load and personal preference, the Peak Design Everyday Sling can be worn over one shoulder or across the body as a messenger bag. We personally found the pack to be more comfortable worn as a messenger, especially when filled with heavy camera gear. When not in use, the Sling can also be packed down flat to fit inside a backpack or suitcase. This is ideal for travellers, only bring out the bag when you need it and keep it neatly tucked away when you don’t.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Trims Details

It comes as no surprise that the Peak Design Everyday Sling is thoughtfully crafted to deliver an ultimate carry experience. Regardless of whether you’re an action photographer, a design student or a frequent flyer, this bag allows for easily configurable storage and clever organisation of gear. We love that the Sling is highly modular, how and what you pack is entirely up to you.

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