Peak Design is famous for making high-quality products that enhance our everyday carry. Built to safely transport all types of creative gear on all sorts of adventures, these guys already have a huge cult following. So, it comes as no surprise that the latest Peak Design Everyday Backpack (along with the Everyday Tote and Everyday Sling) was responsible for a whopping $6.5 million Kickstarter campaign. The crowdfunding is over, the pre-orders were made and the bag is finally here. We’re excited to welcome this new backpack to the Rushfaster family and give you guys our first impressions of this much-anticipated bag.



This is Peak Design’s first-ever foray into the backpack world but you would never be able to tell. They’ve done exceptionally well at creating a versatile day pack that’s suitable for just about anyone. We’re not kidding, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is incredibly adaptable, a champion carry option for photographers, creatives, mums, dads and pretty much anyone who needs to carry anything.

The backpack is available in 20L and 30L volumes and in a choice of Charcoal or Ash. We took out a 20L Ash colourway for our review. At first glance, the bag looks very modern and industrial, featuring large metal trims and closures. The silhouette is vastly different to traditional shapes and we think this is great. Immediately you can tell you’ve got your hands on something unique and special. Both colourways feature a strong 500D Kodra fabric which boasts a nice heathered texture.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack


Traditional backpacks usually have a zippered closure that runs along the top of the bag. This typically forces someone to use both hands in order to gain access to the internal contents. The Peak Design Everyday Backpack, however, features a unique metal hook and eye closure that allows for quick and convenient one-handed entry to the top of the bag. This is really useful if you want to grab your camera out quickly to snap a photo or look for your wallet speedily as you run for the bus.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Closure

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Closure

In addition to the handy top closure, the backpack features two side entry zippers that make this product really shine as a camera bag. This is a clever design detail that all the photographers and videographers will love. These side zips provide fast and handy access to camera bodies and lenses. Simply swing the bag to the front of your body, go through the side pockets and quickly grab your gear. When unzipped, these side flaps sit perfectly flat on a surface, making everything inside super accessible. If you open up both the left and right side zippers you can actually see through to the other side of the bag. This means you’ll always be able to locate things inside a Peak Design Everyday Backpack because all gear is in clear view.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack See Through

Main Compartment

The main cargo chamber features 3 velcro flex dividers that are fully customisable to your camera setup. Use them or don’t use them, it’s really up to you. Removing them means that you have a cavernous storage compartment that’s great for carrying bulky items. We did use ours, however, and loved how helpful they were to carry camera equipment. We also found the dividers to be beneficial for separating everyday items like pencil cases and water bottles too. These separators even have smaller dividers themselves, allowing you to fold down certain sections and make little “shelves” for convenient stacking of gear.

There’s also a separate laptop sleeve at the back of the bag that accommodates up to 15″ devices. This alcove also has a small divider inside which can house a table or a notepad. This external laptop storage is super handy because we could access our computer without having to open up the main section of the bag.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Dividers

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Dividers

Side Pockets

For all loose items and smaller sized gear, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack features 2 zippered side pockets. This section opens up to reveal 3 separate internal slip pockets which are perfect for storing things like a phone, batteries, chargers, cables and memory cards. The whole compartment is constructed from a strong jersey fabric which comfortably stretches to fit your gear. A nice design touch is the contrast lining which adds a subtle pop of colour to the bag. The Ash colourway features an accent of blue while the Charcoal option boasts a hint of red.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Side Pocket

After playing around with this bag for a few days, we found that we kept discovering more and more impressive features that initially went unnoticed. That pretty much sums up the Peak Design Everyday Backpack perfectly. It’s an impressive everyday carry solution that continued to surprise us with its ingenuity. The Peak Design team have really done an excellent job of meticulously designing their first ever backpack.

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