Melbourne based brand, OrbitKey is the newest addition to the Rushfaster family, and allows for you to condense a number of keys into its compact, slim silhouette, eliminating the days of rattling keys.

With an aim to inspire and change the way people interacted with their keys, the idea for the OrbitKey first came about when one of OrbitKey’s designers, Charles Ng created a prototype to solve his pet hate of rattling keys. Fast forward to 2014 and the you’ll find that the OrbitKey has had immeasurable success, and it’s no surprise.

Check out our range of OrbitKey products below. You can shop our complete range of OrbitKey on Rushfaster now.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

1. The Premium Leather Key Organiser  by OrbitKey | $39.95

OrbitKey’s Premium Leather Key Organiser is made from genuine cowhide leather and uses a locking mechanism that holds your keys together eliminating the all too familiar key rattling. The Key Organiser can accommodate up to 7 standard sized keys and is available in 6 different colour ways.

View the OrbitKey Premium Leather Key Organiser.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

2. The Active Elastomer Key Organiser  by OrbitKey | $29.95

The Active Elastomer Key Organiser by OrbitKey is made from durable, lightweight TPU Elastomer polymer and is available in 3 different colour ways. Made to accommodate up to 7 standard sized keys, the Active Elastomer Key Organiser serves as a more suitable option if you’re not a huge fan of leather.

View the OrbitKey Active Elastomer Key Organiser.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

3. The Bottle Opener  by OrbitKey | $39.95

OrbitKey’s Bottle Opener does exactly what it suggests; opens bottles. But unlike a lot of bottle openers, it does so with an incredibly attractive aesthetic and a slim, compact exterior. Constructed from stainless steel, OrbitKey’s Bottle Opener makes for a convenient addition to your OrbitKey Key Organiser.

View the OrbitKey Bottle Opener.


OrbitKey Keyring Replacement

4. The 8GB USB Key & 32GB by OrbitKey | $19.95

The USB Key by OrbitKey comes in two different sizes, 8GB and 32GB, and is a slim, minimal USB drive that fits seamlessly into ObritKey’s Key Organiser, further enhancing your OrbitKey experience.

View the 8GB USB Key & 32GB.

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