As technology has advanced, tracking devices have become increasingly popular. Traditional GPS trackers are still on the costly side, however, Bluetooth tracking is affordable, easily accessible and works great. The ORBIT Key Finder is a Bluetooth tracking device that has a couple of unique features that the competition lack.



Crafted from anodised aluminium, the ORBIT is a circular object that is around the size of a 50 cent piece. While the ORBIT isn’t flat, it is small enough to easily attach to your objects.



The major features of Bluetooth trackers are similar across the different brands. For ORBIT, you open the app on your smartphone, and it will make a sound that alerts you to where it’s located if the device is in Bluetooth range (up to 30m). If you happen to be outside that, a map pinpoints the last location that your ORBIT and smartphone were connected.

The ORBIT also features geofencing dubbed the “Separation Alarm”. Activating the separation alarm once either your smartphone and ORBIT attached device go beyond Bluetooth range, both devices will alert you that you’ve forgotten one or the other.

The device is also water resistant, includes a battery life indicator and a replaceable battery. This is a big plus as Bluetooth trackers become useless without battery replacement options. Lasting up to six months, a replacement battery is included upon purchase.

ORBIT KeyA unique feature to the ORBIT is the selfie remote. If you feel like taking a happy snap, simply tap the camera icon within the Orbit app and once you’re ready to shoot, press the button on the ORBIT.


The Wrap Up

The combination of a replaceable battery, easy to navigate app and selfie remote makes the ORBIT a standout from the Bluetooth tracking crowd. For those on a budget, the ORBIT is a great choice for your tracking needs.

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