We’ve been looking forward to the arrival of The North Face Access Pack in Australia ever since it was released in the US last year. With its myriad storage options and innovative pull-tabs, the North Face Access Pack is one of the most inventive backpacks on the scene, a bag nerd’s dream. The North Face Access Pack is now available for pre-order at Rushfaster. Here are three reasons why you want to consider checking it out.
The North Face Access Pack

No zippers!

Have you ever met a backpack that opens with one touch? The spring loaded clasp opening makes the Access Pack’s rigid lid open up like the mouth of a hungry hippo. With the sturdy exoskeleton, the backpack stays wide open, ready for you to load it up with your precious gear.

Okay, we’ll admit it, there are actually zippers on the Access Pack, as you can see in the photos. But they’re for accessing the two front pockets and the dedicated laptop compartment, where you’ll also find a little compartment for your MacBook Pro charger.

The North Face Access Pack

Innovative pull-tabs

Inside the Access Pack, you’ll find slots for phones, tablets and thin hard drives. Each slot comes with a little pull-tab. This lets you push your gadgets all the way down and bring them back up again with ease. The North Face have really impressed us with how they have managed to make the design both intuitive and elegant.

Our favourite ejector strap, however, has got to be the one for the laptop. It’s large and strong enough that you can hold the entire weight of the Access Pack with it while you pull out your laptop with your other hand. It’s much more straightforward and enjoyable than setting your bag down and wiggling out your laptop with both hands.

Throughout the Access Pack’s interior, there are several zippered and mesh pockets throughout the Access Pack’s interior, so you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for all your tech, whoever you are. Your bluetooth keyboard, your bluetooth mouse, chargers, cables, notebooks… anything you can think of.

Comfortable to carry 

The Access Pack’s design makes hauling around your gear to work all over the city that little bit easier. Because it has so much structure, it sits a little higher on your shoulders rather than sagging down and straining you. This makes it pretty comfortable whether you get the train to work or ride a bike. The straps are all nicely cushioned and the moulded grooves on the back of the bag allows for plenty of ventilation. There’s also a women’s Access Pack that is designed to fit more ergonomically with women’s backs.

The North Face Access Pack


If you change location frequently and carry a lot of tech for work, you’re going to want a backpack that saves you time by keeping all your gear organised. The North Face Access Pack might be just the backpack to help you take big strides in 2017. With its spring-loaded opening mechanism and pull-tabs, it’s one of the most innovative technical backpacks on the market. Visit The North Face on our website for more information on the Access Pack.

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