It feels great to be well organised, and Moleskine does just that with their range of 2018 planners. From January to December, never miss a deadline or appointment with Mokeskine’s 12-month planners. Don’t know which one is for you? Here’s our guide to help you pick one that best suits your lifestyle.

Moleskine 2018 Planners

Weekly planners are the most popular of the range. Excellent for goal-setting, the planner is a nice balance between long-term and short-term organising. The two-page layout, with a weekly calendar on the left and note space on the right, gives you an overview of your week as well as space to fill in the details. This is great for your project management, goal setting, appointments and meetings.

The Weekly Planner is available in 3 sizes: PocketLarge and Extra Large, and 6 colours.

Moleskine 2018 Planners

Shop Moleskine 2018 Classic Weekly Planners.


Horizontal and Vertical

Besides the classic layout, it also comes in Horizontal and Vertical, with 7 days of a week spanning across two pages – perfect for viewing the week at a glance.

Shop Moleskine 2018 Vertical and Horizontal Planners.


Moleskine 2018 Daily Planners

A daily planner is ideal for busy people with lots of scheduling to do. Whether pocket-sized or large, it gives you a full page for every day of the week, allowing you to focus on each day. This is great if you have lots of appointments or want to keep a thorough record of your daily tasks, expenses, meal plans, etc.

The Daily Planner comes in 2 sizes: Pocket and Large, and 5 colours.

Moleskine 2018 Planners

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