JOCO is a community of conscientious thinkers. Founded in the coastal Victorian town of Toorak, JOCO makes your daily brew better with smart and friendly products. We love these cups because they are made from high-quality glass and are free of harmful chemicals. Glass doesn’t affect flavour either, so you will always taste your coffee or tea, not your cup.

Original COffee Cup

The original JOCO cup is an award-winning way to drink your favourite brew. The cup is recognised by the Specialty Coffee Association Design Lab Vessel, New York Coffee Festival, and World Coffee Events Vessel for its design and functionality. The cups are truly thermal shock and etch resistant, lightweight and durable with optimal clarity. The cup also has the functionality to be used with or without the lid, which is a handy addition to the already impressive design.


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Seaglass Collection

Dedicated to keeping waterways, oceans, and coasts plastic-free, the Seaglass Collection does its bit to help the planet. Healthy oceans and waterways are essential for a healthy world. As a result of human negligence, recent studies show that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. This contaminates the surface and depths of the ocean as well as marine life. For their Seaglass Collection, JOCO has partnered with Take 3 For The Sea. Take 3 For The Sea is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on reducing plastic pollution in Australia and around the globe. JOCO supports by Take 3 For The Sea through providing product solutions and the purchase of JOCO products, so every sale of a Seaglass cup is helping to clean up our oceans.


Like the original collection, the Seaglass is 100% Plastic- Free, Certified non-toxic, LFGB Approved, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, Anti-Splash Ergonomic Lid and has a Thermal Silicone Sleeve. The cup also comes in two sizes: 340mL and 454mL.

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