This iconic JanSport bag is one of the most popular items at Rushfaster. It’s a classic, versatile backpack that’s perfect for a host of different situations. Whether you’re after a simple carry option for work or need to grab a new school bag for the kids, the Right Pack is a solid contender. We took some of these out on test drives for our JanSport Right Pack review so we could unpack all of the important features.

JanSport Right Pack Review Yankee closeup

The Right Pack is a Rushfaster favourite because it comes in so many different colour options. There’s a style out there for everyone. For those who prefer something plain and uncomplicated, the Classic Right Packs will suit you well. These are all flat colour styles that come in subdued neutral tones as well as some brighter, more out-there options. For some interesting fabrics and textures, be sure to check out the Expressions range. Last but not least, for all the travel lovers, there’s a very cool World Collection. Each backpack is inspired by different countries and feature fabrics and patterns from different cultures around the globe.

JanSport Right Pack Review navy path

JanSport Right Pack Review yellow flat


So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty part of our JanSport Right Pack review. This heritage style backpack is all about simplicity. You won’t find many bells and whistles on the Right Pack as it includes just the essentials. The bag is super uncomplicated, making it a solid all-rounder for work, school, the gym or a short getaway. It features a padded laptop sleeve that safely houses up to a 15″ computer. Only the back of the sleeve is cushioned, though, so we’d recommend also popping your device in a separate laptop case if you’d like some extra protection.

JanSport Right Pack Review navy-laptop

In addition to the spacious main compartment, the Right Pack has two front pockets that are great for storing smaller items. The large external pocket includes a pen area and a key clip. The smaller zippered section at the very front is an ideal little space for more fiddly items like headphones or USB sticks. As far as organisation goes, this is pretty much it for the Right Pack. There’s not an abundance of separate chambers to arrange all of your gear so this backpack is better suited to people who don’t mind popping everything into just one big, open space.

JanSport Right Pack Review yellow front pocket

JanSport Right Pack Review blue check pockets

Fabric & Construction

The Cordura® fabric construction ensures that the Right Pack is built to last. Cordura® fabrics are used for their durability and are traditionally found in luggage, military wear and performance clothing. The sturdy nature of the cloth has a high resistance to tears and abrasions, which means that this backpack will serve you well for many years to come. Some JanSport customers have even had their Right Packs for over 20 years and they’re still going strong! A thick reinforced bottom made from premium suede also provides extra protection and stability. We think it adds a nice colour contrast to the bag too.

JanSport Right Pack Review navy rocks


Testing for comfort was an extremely important part of our JanSport Right Pack review. The bag looks great, is a good size and is really practical, but how does it feel on the shoulders? We filled the Right Pack with a medium to heavy load and were very pleased with how comfortable it was. The padded back panel and shoulder straps provide a nice amount of cushioning and support. For our review, we carried around a 15″ MacBook Pro, an A4 binder, 2 medium sized textbooks, a 750ml water bottle, a small pencil case and an umbrella. Everything fit inside easily and there still was enough room for a thin jumper. The Right Pack never felt like it was going to break under the heavy weight and was pleasant to wear over extended periods of time.

JanSport Right Pack Review yankee back and straps

JanSport Right Pack Review yellow packed

The best thing about the JanSport Right Packs is that they’re so versatile and great for anyone to use. The plain, understated colours are good for a more professional option that you can take into the office and the fun, bright prints are excellent to use as gym or beach bags. The Right Pack really does suit all ages and situations. Backed by JanSport’s lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that the these backpacks will stand the test of time.



JanSport Right Pack Review yellow hook

There you have it, we hope our JanSport Right Pack review has helped you to decide whether this is the right pack (get it?) to suit your needs. Shope the entire range of JanSport Right Packs at Rushfaster.

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