Can you really carry happiness? Hong Kong-based bag designers Hellolulu certainly think you can. Hellolulu brings joy by creating bags that combine the playful with the practical. They make bags with elegant organisation options – the little features you only appreciate when they’re not there. That’s why we sought them out to become the latest member of the Rushfaster family.  

HelloluluHellolulu Backpacks

At 20L, the Hellolulu Tate All-Day Backpack is large enough for hauling your everyday essentials. But its distinct tapered silhouette keeps things compact, which means you won’t look like a turtle when you wear it. The main zippered compartment folds over and fastens seamlessly with magnetic closures, keeping your lunch and laptop nice and safe.

Meanwhile, Hellolulu’s versatile 22L Sutton Ruckpack can do you both. It stands up to everyday needs and will get you out into the fresh air on weekends, too. Its drawstring closure gives you extra space if you need to pack your towel and swimmers for the pool or an extra layer when the weather’s cool. And there’s an extra compartment on the top for storing little accessories you want to access quickly.


Both Hellolulu backpacks feature the same useful front pocket design. The compartment runs all the way to the bottom. This makes it spacious enough to keep go-to items like wallets, sunscreen, even A5-sized notebooks. But what we really like is the conveniently-located key clip at the top. It keeps your keys easy to reach at all times as they dangle high above your valuables.


Hellolulu Packable Bags Range

In addition, Hellolulu’s range of packable bags make after-work shopping simple for a change. The Macon Packable Tote Bag has a generous 19L capacity and even comes with exterior side pockets for drink bottles. The super-lightweight Hali Packable Boston Bag, on the other hand, gives you up to 35L of storage. Because it packs down so small, it’s also suitable for beach holidays.


We’ve been really impressed by the way Hellolulu products combine a cheerful palette with functional design to equip you to rise above the everyday grind. Needless to say, we’re happy to welcome them to the Rushfaster family. Our website is the best place to go to learn more about Hellolulu.

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