Tech-minded individuals should consider an Incase backpack to carry and protect their gear. Getting an Incase backpack means buying into their philosophy of better experiences empowered by good design. 

There are quite a few different Incase backpacks on the market now, which sometimes differ only slightly. To help you find the right Incase backpack for you, we’ve made this guide to the various versions of the Incase Reform, Incase City and Incase ICON packs. These are the most popular Incase backpacks among urban professionals. We recognise that not everyone carries the same amount of gear. So we’ll focus on their differences in organisation, layout and size.

InCase Backpack

The Incase Reform Packs

There are two versions of the Incase Reform Backpack with TENSAERLITE. The larger model is designed for 15” laptops while the slightly smaller one fits 13” MacBook ProsThe Incase Reform packs get their name from the TENSAERLITE foam laptop cage found in their main compartment. The cage absorbs nasty shocks and will keep your laptop safe so you can leave your external laptop sleeve at home.

The Incase Reform packs are relatively lightweight while still maintaining a sturdy form factor. This means you can protect your gear without having to tire yourself out on your daily commute. They’re also fairly straightforward in terms of layout, just one large main compartment and two external pockets on the sides at the front. All of these factors mean these packs suit professionals who carry around a laptop on a daily basis but don’t necessarily need extra organisation for organising other equipment.

InCase Backpack

The Incase City Packs

The three Incase City Packs step things up a notch in terms of organisation options with an array of exterior pockets on the front and sides so you can organise all of your accessories systematically. We love how the Incase City packs still manage to keep a minimal aesthetic on the outside. Unlike the Incase Reform packs, the Incase City packs come in multiple colours, too.

InCase backpack

The larger Incase City and Incase City Commuter Packs both feature two main storage areas, so you can separate your flatter items like your tablet or notepad from your jacket and lunch. The City Commuter Pack even has expandable storage space if you ever need to carry an extra laptop home from work.

The Incase City Compact has just one main compartment but the same great external pockets for systematic packers like us. We personally prefer its slightly smaller size because it forces us to make tough decisions on what we carry every day, while still being large enough to be an effective workhorse. For a more in-depth look, read our review of the Incase City Compact.

InCase backpack

The Best Incase Backpack? The Incase ICON Range

The Incase ICON Packs have a squarer look to them and it’s also Incase’s most diverse series of backpacks.

Let’s start with the Incase ICON Pack, the largest of the three and widely-regarded as Incase’s best backpack. This guy has an absolute ton of organisation options. There are two main compartments with slots and pockets galore and a dedicated laptop compartment at the very back. There are also two hip-side pockets (one has an opening for running through power cables or headphones), a front slip pocket, and a small faux fur-lined pocket on the top for your sunglasses.

You’ll appreciate all of these optiosn if you’re  someone who needs to carry around extra hard drives or bluetooth devices on a daily basis. You’ll save yourself from rummaging around in your bag by having pre-set locations for all of your gadgets.

InCase backpack

So clearly not everyone needs quite that level of organisation, but if you like the clean aesthetic of the ICON range, maybe the Incase ICON Slim is for your. The main difference between the Incase ICON and the Incase ICON Slim is that there’s just one main compartment instead of two. The dedicated laptop section, hip pockets and sunglass pocket are retained, so the Icon Slim is still a great option for serious workers on the move.

Finally, The Incase ICON Lite is the newest and possibly the most pared back Incase backpack. Its one main compartment contains a laptop sleeve and some organisation, while pockets on the front and top give you some options for your accessories. We love the ICON Lite because it finally provides an option for people who like the Incase way of doing things, but just don’t need extra organisation for their day to day activities.

InCase backpack

InCase backpack


Incase’s mission is to help creative professionals carry, organise and protect all their tech. The Incase Reform, Incase City and Incase ICON silos give you plenty of choice… Almost too much. We hope this guide has helped you demystify the various Incase ranges and find the Incase backpack that suits your gear. To learn more, visit the Incase page on Rushfaster.

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