Investing in a solid reusable drink bottle is essential. You will be healthier by not reusing the same BPA plastic and you will do your bit to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic entering the Pacific Ocean. If you have trouble committing to a reusable bottle, you should consider a flat water bottle.

Memobottle began when its founders started noticing the alarming number of plastic water bottles clogging up their local waterways and parks in their town south of Melbourne. They went out and created their flat water bottle, which slides in nicely with your other belongings. Read on to find out why Memobottle is a great water bottle for everyday use.

flat water bottle

Great Design

Memobottle’s flat design arose from a desire to update the traditionally cylindrical drink bottle to fit in in the world of laptops and books. They were clearly onto something as their Kickstarter, launched in August 2014, raised more than 17 times the original goal.

Memobottle isn’t the first flat water bottle, but it is based on international paper sizes: A5 and A6. This concept means your Memobottle fits in more intuitively with your notebooks and laptop in everyday carry situations.

Both Memobottle sizes fit a lot more water than you’d expect from first glance. The A5 Memobottle holds an impressive 750mL, which is more than enough for people who have to commute for long periods. Meanwhile, the smaller A6 carries 375mL, which makes it more suitable for when you’re travelling light or just want a small bottle for your handbag.

flat water bottle

Good Looks

The Memobottle is also the most good-looking flat water bottle on the market. The bottle is completely plain and transparent, except for its size written in raised text just below the spout.

Each bottle comes with two lids – one white, one black – so you can differentiate your Memobottle from your friends or partners ones. There is also the option to personalise your Memobottle even more with the purchase of a clear or pink lid pack.

flat water bottle

Thoughtful Packaging

In line with their goal to reduce single-use plastic, Memobottles are packaged in recycled cardboard packaging. This further reduces the company’s impact on the environment. In the box, you’ll find your Memobooklet, which informs you of the importance of reuse and thanks you for supporting their mission. This is the type of attention to detail that makes us so happy to stock Memobottle at Rushfaster.

flat water bottle

Caring For Your Flat Water Bottle

Once you own one of these gems, wash your Memobottle by hand in warm water. The manufacturer recommends hand washing in only warm water since it should be exposed to a maximum 50 degrees celsius. 

flat water bottle

The Bottom Line

A Memobottle is a perfect water bottle for everyday use. The ergonomic design, elegant good looks and thoughtful packaging make it stand out from the pack, and will make you stand out too. Check out the full Memobottle range over at Rushfaster.

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