Need some inspiration for Father’s Day gift ideas this year? Don’t worry because we’re here to help. The special day is approaching so take a look at our gift guide, designed to make the selection process a bit easier. Dads have a lot on their plates, so simple things that make life a little more organised are always winners.


Simple Watch Co, Earl Watch

father's day gift ideas: SWCO-Earl-watch

Where to begin? Popular Father’s Day gift ideas are usually products that have been tried and tested. Traditional items like watches and wallets are fantastic because there’s so much variety out there that you can choose the right one for your dad. If he’s quite minimal and no fuss, consider grabbing him a Simple Watch Co. Earl Watch. This Australian company makes classic timepieces that are built to last. The Earl Watch is elegant and sophisticated. The beautifully tanned leather straps are accented by a bold white face and the case is made from a scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

The Earl is available in three different colours and is a lovely gift idea for dads who like to keep things plain and simple.

Buy a Simple Watch Co. Earl Watch.


Bellroy, Hide and Seek Wallet

father's day gift ideas: bellroy-hide-seek-wallet

Now for the wallet component of the tried and tested classics. The Bellroy Hide and Seek is a streamlined bi-fold design and is all about functionality. This wallet houses cards in four quick access slots and even has extra parking space for those that are infrequently used. One handy feature that your dad will love is the hidden notes compartment, where he can store extra cash that no one else can see.

Buy a Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet.


Roost, Laptop Stand

father's day gift ideas: the_Roost_laptop-stand

If your dad uses a laptop a lot for work, think about giving him a Roost Laptop Stand. Products that enhance the way he uses his devices are great as Father’s Day gift ideas. A computer stand can improve his posture by reducing the need to hunch over a laptop. Allowing your dad to create a much more comfortable workstation, no matter where he is. Being able to raise the height of his laptop will give his neck, back and wrists a much-needed break throughout the work day. Maybe even consider grabbing him a wireless keyboard and mouse to fully complete his desk set up. The Roost is lightweight and super portable, so he can take it anywhere without much hassle.

Buy the Roost Laptop Stand.


Chipolo, Bluetooth Tracker

father's day gift ideas: chipolo-2

This little, round device is an easy way to help dads who tend to misplace their valuables. The Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker can be attached to important items like keys or wallets. The free Chipolo app lets you locate anything that is lost by simply ringing it. It also works the other way around to locate your phone as well. Simply shake the Chipolo and it will ring dad’s your phone, even if it’s on silent. He can pop one in a wallet and attach another to a keychain – this product is handy for super busy dads who can sometimes be forgetful.

Buy a Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker.


Bellroy, iPhone 6/6s Pocket

father's day gift ideas: bellroy-iphone-pocket


father's day gift ideas: bellroy-iphone-pocket


Products that keep your dad organised are real champions. Which is why the Bellroy iPhone Pocket is on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas this year. This is a sleek present for guys who like to keep all of their everyday essentials in one place. It’s great for daily use but also a nice gift for dad’s who travel frequently. The pocket has space to store a phone, several cards, notes and even a sim card. There’s also a small compartment that’s designed for a house key too. So many items can be packed into this pouch yet the silhouette remains slim, perfect for him to pop into his pocket quickly when he’s on the move.

Buy the Bellroy iPhone Pocket.


Lamy, Safari Ballpoint Pen

father's day gift ideas: lamy-ballpoint-pen-2

Make sure your dad never gets caught without a pen again. The Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen embodies the Bauhaus principle of modern design: “form follows function”. With that approach, the German company makes beautifully crafted writing instruments that are impeccably designed. A flexible metal clip at the top of the pen means that dad can attach it to the front cover of a notebook and keep it safe and sound.

Buy a Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen.


Moleskine, Dot Grid Notebook

father's day gift ideas: moleskine-dot-grid-notebook

If you’d like spoil dad a bit this year, consider grabbing him more than one of the items from our Father’s Day gift ideas. A nice companion to a Lamy Safari Pen is a fashionable Moleskine notebook. We love the Softcover Dot Grid Notebook because the boxes keep your writing neat and are also great for drawing geometric shapes. The beauty of grid paper is that dad can use it in both portrait and landscape orientation and everything will still look orderly on the page. We have a fantastic range of Moleskine notebooks in a variety of sizes so you can find the right one for dad this Father’s Day.

Buy the Moleskine Dot Grid Softcover Notebook.


S’well, 500ml Water Bottle


father's day gift ideas: swell-water-bottle


It’s crazy to think that at least 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year. Every little bit we can do to reduce this pollution can go a very long way. Help your dad minimise his footprint by getting him a reusable bottle. A S’well water bottle is a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift idea that reduces his need to buy bottled water. S’well bottles are handsomely crafted from stainless steel and keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. He can fill it up with cold water for the gym or some hot tea on a cold winter’s morning. S’well bottles are available in a range of vibrant colours and two size options.

Buy a S’Well 500ml Water Bottle.


KeepCup, Reusable Coffee Cup

father's day gift ideas: keepcup-brew-cork

If your dad is mad for coffee then consider grabbing him a reusable KeepCup. These are brilliant and a favourite on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas. It’s a splendid present for someone who is environmentally conscious. The Brew Cork range is made from strong tempered glass and the sustainable cork band provides a nice grippy surface to hold onto. Every time he heads to the cafe, he can be proud that he’s bringing his own cup and doing his bit for the planet. The Brew Cork cups are available in 8oz and 12oz sizes and a whole bunch of different colourways.

Buy a KeepCup Reusable Cup.


Blunt, Classic Umbrella

father's day gift ideas: blunt-classic-umbrellas

Gone are the days where an umbrella will last only a couple of uses before it breaks. Your dad will love the Blunt Classic Umbrella because it has been designed to stand the test of time. Built to last, each Blunt umbrella has a strong, reinforced structure and is extensively wind tested to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart. We’re big fans of the Classic size but smaller and larger options are available too. Each Blunt umbrella comes in a sturdy cylindrical package which makes it easy to wrap up and give as a gift. It’s tube packaging is also great for storing away in a cupboard, making sure the umbrella doesn’t get caught on anything inside.

Buy a Blunt Umbrella.


Keysmart, Key Holder

father's day gift ideas: keysmart_USB

Streamline your dad’s keychain with the clever Keysmart Holder. This Swiss Army style holder locks all keys in place and eliminates noisy rattle in pockets or bags. Each key rests in its own specific location so he’ll always know which one fits in which door. If he has tonnes of keys for different places, you could even grab him a few Keysmart holders. The coloured plates make it easy to distinguish sets for different locations.

Buy a Keysmart Key Holder.


Incase, DSLR Pro Pack Camera Bag

father's day gift ideas: incase-DSLR-camera-bag

The Incase DSLR Pro Pack provides premium protection for all the photographers out there. Whether your dad is a professional or just a hobbyist, it’d be nice to help him transport all of his expensive camera gear safely. Father’s Day gift ideas can be so much more than just the classic pack of socks, this backpack is a cool and practical option for the modern, tech-loving dad.

The Incase Pro Pack snugly holds a DSLR camera with an attached lens and can even fit up to four additional lenses comfortably. All the items can be separated into different padded compartments. This ensures that everything remains in the right spot and doesn’t end up getting scratched or damaged. Hard drives and memory card holders can be placed into smaller zippered compartments on the outside of the bag. Even with all of his camera gear packed inside, the Pro Pack still has plenty of room to house a laptop and charger. A lot of people like to check their shots on a computer screen as they photograph things so it’s super helpful to be able to carry a laptop inside this bag as well.

Buy the Incase DSLR Camera Bag.


Bosign, Cable Organiser

father's day gift ideas: bosign-medium-hideaway

Get all of dad’s cables and cords in order with the Bosign Hideaway Organiser. This product is great for hiding a powerboard that charges all of dad’s different devices. He can keep it on the floor and not have to worry about tripping over numerous stray cords. The Hideaway can also sit on his desk and neatly tuck away laptop and phone chargers even while they’re in use.

Buy the Bosign Hideaway Cable Organiser.


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