Being a team of bike enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for cool cycling accessories that improve the way we ride. Cleverly designed products can really go a long way on a two-wheeled commute so here’s a roundup of our current favourites. From simple and classic to modern and tech-focused, these items will make you ride smarter and better each time you leave the house.

1. Duo Mount

This durable and highly compatible bicycle mount is a great way to declutter your handlebars on all of those adventure rides. The 2-in-1 design is great for cyclists who use a bike computer to display workout information, as well as an action camera to capture video footage. There are many dual purpose mounts out there but we think that Duo Mount from the Cycliq team is extra special because of its versatility. Attach a wide range of bike computers including Garmin, Wahoo and Polar without having to buy additional adaptors or add-ons. This product comes fully-equipped with interchangeable discs that let you chop and change brands without any hassle. The same goes for the camera mount too, compatible with any device that has universal fins such as GoPro, the Garmin Virb and Cycliq’s own Fly12.

Cycling Accessories Duo Mount

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2. Chrome Rostov Backpack

Designed to carry goods through urban terrain, the Rostov is a rugged daypack that houses all of the everyday essentials. True to form, this Chrome Industries backpack is super heavy-duty and built to last. Made from 1050-denier abrasion resistant nylon the Rostov also features an 18-ounce weatherproof truck tarpaulin liner that keeps gear dry. We love this bag because it has a host of internal organisation for things like laptops, phones, wallets and small digital cameras. Making it easy to leave the car at home but still have all the necessities for uni or work.

cycling accessories chrome rostov backpack

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3. SmartHalo

Transform your ride into a handy smartbike that can guide you through unfamiliar streets. This is one of the most useful cycling accessories for travellers who are exploring bike friendly cities like Melbourne, Amsterdam or Montreal. The SmartHalo sits on your handlebars and pairs with a smartphone to take away your navigational worries. The device locates the quickest and safest routes for you to take, and will even direct you onto bike paths where possible. The display unit works like a simple GPS, showing you directions with large arrows that illuminate clearly on the screen. A nifty feature on the SmartHalo app can also remind you where your bike is parked on days where your head is in the clouds.

Cycling Accessories SmartHalo

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4. Bellroy All Conditions Pocket

This Bellroy pouch is slim and compact enough to fit inside the pocket of your cycling jersey. Designed to hold a phone, cash and up to 12 cards, the All Conditions Pocket minimises your everyday carry. Literally built for all weather conditions, these wallets are fully waterproof and available in fabric or leather. Opt for a simple carry solution like this during summer to eliminate the need to use a backpack on scorchingly hot days.

Cycling Accessories Bellroy All Conditions

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5. Tactica Talon Multi-Tool

Take this everyday carry instrument with you on all your rides and be prepared for any scenario. Its unique design features 17 tools in 1, including multiple wrench sizes and a hex socket that has you covered for quick and easy bicycle repairs. Keep the Tactica Talon in your cycling accessories kit for emergencies like loose screws or punctured tyres.

Cycling Accessories Tactica Talon

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6. Chrome Knurled Welded Handlebar Bag

Masters of cycling accessories, Chrome Industries has designed a super durable handlebar bag that keeps your gear protected while in transit. Constructed from 600-denier polyester with a waterproof coating and welded seams, this small bike bag can be used in rain, hail or shine. You can even hose it down after a muddy ride without having to worry about any damage to the fabric. The fully padded compartment provides a perfect little home for everyday personal items like wallets and phones.

Cycling Accessories Chrome Knurled Welded Handlebar Bag

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7. Nokē U-Lock

Simplify your bike’s security with this innovative smartlock. Nokē is the ultimate solution for those of you who are often forgetful and can’t keep track of your keys. Simply download the Nokē App for iOS or Android to unlock a bicycle and never worry about carrying a key ever again. You can even manage multiple locks with the app which is great if you have a selection of bicycles. What we really love about this cool product is that it’s easy to share your bike with friends. Simply get them to download the app and you can grant them access to your bike. No more need to tee up a meeting place to handover keys or secretly leave them inside a letterbox.

Cycling Accessories Nokē Smartlock

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8. Henty Wingman Backpack

Everybody needs a good wingman to help make life a bit easier from time to time. That’s exactly why we love this unique Henty backpack, designed to make a two-wheeled commute to work simple and effortless. The Henty Wingman includes 1 inner duffle bag plus 1 outer garment bag. Clipped together, these 2 storage compartments can safely transport work gear and clothes into the office, making it one of the best cycling accessories for corporate commuters. There’s even enough room for a towel inside if you also shower at work. Not only does the Wingman keep clothing presentable and free of creases for the day, the backpack’s cylindrical shape minimises contact against the body, reducing the amount of perspiration during your ride.


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Not only does getting on a bike promote a greener city, it’s also a great way to get in some exercise for the day. Hopefully our handpicked selection of cycling accessories makes it a little bit easier to opt for 2 wheels instead of 4. Whether you’re just commuting to work or leading group rides every weekend, these products will help you to cycle smarter and better every day.

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