Bellroy, a beloved Rushfaster brand, offer an extensive range of leather wallets that accommodate just about anyone.

With their original, yet classic, bulk free designs, Bellroy remain a Rushfaster favourite among many of our customers and staff. Rushfaster customer, David Sambrooks has sent in this great review about his recent experience with the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet, a popular style noted for it’s sleek design and ability to accommodate a number of cards avoiding the typical wallet bulk.

Thanks for sharing your Bellroy experience with us David. It’s great to see one of our most loved products being put to good use!
The Rushfaster Team

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet Black

I have always been quite fussy when it comes to wallets, generally looking for something that can be considered formal enough while at work and one that is still cool enough to use on the weekends. It also needs to be stylish, functional and high quality.

On discovering the Note Sleeve I decided to dive in and check it out.

On receiving the wallet I was pleasantly surprised by the unique & hip looking packaging, not to mention that it is environmentally friendly.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

The first thing that strikes you with the Note Sleeve is the level of quality. The leather is smooth, smells good and is supple, without a trace of any flaw.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

What I particularly liked with this wallet, is its ‘vertical’ configuration which is a stand out from most other wallets available, it screams of being one hell of a sophisticated unit. The addition of the yellow exposed stitching further enhances the style of this wallet as does the Bellroy embossed logo.

On opening the wallet you will find three card slots which eludes you into thinking that this wallet cannot carry the number of cards that one might need. Bellroy states it can carry 4-11 cards, which I believe it can (I carry 7) with the most frequently used cards taking primary position in the three exposed slots, while the less frequently used cards being stored in the hidden slide out compartment, which is an awesome feature, totally innovative and it works!

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet
Pictured above with cards being removed from the slide out hidden compartment.

It doesn’t end here though as this wallet has two further compartments which can be used for either additional cards or coins.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet
Note the flap on the left hand side internal compartment which can also be used to store coins.

The layout of this wallet lends itself to clean lines, which makes it one classy wallet. I should add that I am not a fan of tiny wallets nor am I a fan of the ‘bulge’, the Note Sleeve by Bellroy have designed a wallet this eliminates the bulge while allowing you to carry a decent number of cards. As mentioned earlier I carry 7 cards without the bulge!

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is the type of wallet that you can comfortable leave in your back pocket rather than handing it over to your wife to carry for you! It is also the type of wallet that you are proud to pull out of your suit jacket to pay for that company lunch! The wallet isn’t too small and feels substantial enough in your hand and by no means, too big.

This is one very well thought out wallet for the modern man. I give this wallet a 10 out 10.

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is also available in Cocoa, Blue and Tan.

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