1. The Crescent Office (Surat, India) 

The Crescent office space in Surat, India looks like it has been developing a healthy tan over summer. The bright orange facade matches the environment perfectly. Surat, in the Gujarat region of the country, experiences temperatures which soar above 35°C for eight months of the year. This intense sun and heat are always on the southern side of the building, prompting Sanjay Puri Architects to build exaggerated curving walls and direct all of the internal spaces northwards. It is a beautifully unique office space that has become a landmark in Surat.

the cresent office large windows

the cresent office grass courtyard

the cresent office window and courtyard

2. Waternet Headquarters (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Teach your office how to swim! Take some inspiration from Waternet’s headquarters in Amsterdam. They are the water experts for the entire city, taking care of water usage at every process of the life cycle. Of course, a head office based on land would not have done this company justice. The office building is nestled in between the fleet of vessels that are used to clean up rubbish every day from the canals. The building consists of three main floors: an office space at entry level and a double level canteen. There is also an underwater basement fitted out with lockers and showers for all the staff.

waternet office facade

waternet office interior

waternet office with lights on

3. LINE Office (Taipei, Taiwan)

For those who love all things kitsch, you’ll feel perfectly at home at the headquarters of Taiwanese mobile app company LINE. The space fosters a highly open and collaborative workplace and the cute cartoon figurines brighten up the entire building. How can you not smile when you walk into a room with a giant Rilakkuma doll in it? There are a whole bunch of cartoon characters that pop up in several different rooms of the building, desk spaces where you can sit down and play Lego and meeting areas that are filled with deck chairs and beach umbrellas. This cool office adds some fun to work life and brings out the child in everyone.

LINE office rilakkuma doll

cartoon face on office wall

dolls hanging on office wallls

4. Lookup Office (Bangalore, India)

The Lookup headquarters in India is a modern working space that has a high emphasis on the open office. The building is essentially one big box that has been divided up into different sections that allow for a free flow of movement throughout the day. Other interior features such as cosy cubbyholes and tables that you can write on inspire a sense of creativity in this workplace. At the core of the office is a semi-circular amphitheatre that has been nicknamed “The Pitch”. It functions as a brainstorming arena and meeting ground by day, and transforms into a recreational hub at night. Nestled in the corner, behind the seating area, are some bright red, retro-inspired telephone booths that are used for Skype calls.lookup-office-conferencelookup-office-round-seatinglookup-office-desks

5. Vice Office (Toronto, Canada)

Media giant Vice stays true to its ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude and has built a new Toronto office that oozes old world charm mixed with the company’s signature edge. Any plans for a standard corporate kitchen were immediately thrown out the window and replaced with Vice’s saloon, appealing to everyone’s hipster beverage needs. An old fashioned with your lunch, sir? The leisure room is reminiscent of a cigar lounge and will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of Mad Men.  It’s not just all fun and games though, this is a multi-platform media company we’re talking about. The entire office space is kitted out for high-level content production, go into any room and you can shoot a film quality video with the best sound and lighting you’ll find.

vice office lounges

vice office saloon bar

vice office cigar lounge

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