We all have someone in our lives who loves to travel around the world. They always seem to be venturing off to interesting destinations for either business or pleasure. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what to buy your favourite jet-setter this year, we’ve got some excellent Christmas gifts for the traveller that will help them along their journeys.


Burton Small Backhill Duffel

The Burton Small Backhill Duffel is an excellent travel buddy. It’s the perfect size for a day trip, a weekend away or as an airplane carry-on during an around-the-world adventure. It features a heap of internal organisation that makes it easy to find things quickly at a train station or airport. We love that it has a separate laundry compartment that keeps clean clothes away from dirty items. Carry the Backhill in the hand, on the shoulder or pop on the backpack straps when carrying heavier loads. For those who require a bit more space in their baggage, the Backhill is also available in a medium size.

Christmas gifts for the traveller burton backhill duffle

Buy the Burton Small Backhill Duffel.


MiPow Power Cube Portable Charger

One of the best Christmas gifts for the traveller is a portable battery charger. It’s a very practical item that should be in every holiday maker’s everyday carry. The MiPow Power Cube ensures a constant source of battery while on the road or in the air. The Power Cube features a built-in lightning cord for iPhones and iPads and also comes with an additional micro USB port and cord for non-Apple devices.

Christmas gifts for the traveller mipow charger 9000

Shop the range of MiPow Power Cubes.


Bellroy Travel Wallet

No more fumbling about at airports and frantically looking for a passport, boarding pass or credit card. Bellroy’s slimline Travel Wallet keeps all important holiday documents neatly organised to ensure a stress-free journey. It features two note sections which come in handy for separating different currencies, as well as a nifty micro pen that’s incredibly convenient for all of those pesky customs cards.

Christmas gifts for the traveller bellroy travel wallet

Shop the range of Bellroy Travel Wallets.


Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Everyone loves getting a present that they’ll actually use, right? That’s why practical Christmas gifts for the traveller are always a great idea. Every voyager needs a good toiletry bag that is going to last numerous amounts of adventures. We highly recommend the Topo Designs Dopp Kits because they’re handmade in Colorado from heavy duty Cordura fabric that’s super sturdy and really easy to clean. They’re also available in a bunch of fun and bright colours that stand out inside a suitcase. The triangular shape allows this pouch to sit upright on hotel benches, making it really easy to find things inside.

Christmas gifts for the traveller topo dopp kit

Shop the range of Topo Designs Dopp Kits.


Crumpler The All And Sundry Cable Pouch

Often when we travel, we tend to pack a lot of electronic accessories like power adaptors, laptop chargers, data cords and external hard drives. Sometimes these loose items can easily get lost inside luggage or even left behind in a hotel room. Make holidays feel more organised for your travel-loving friend by grabbing them a Crumpler All and Sundry Pouch this Christmas. These make fantastic and practical Christmas gifts for the traveller. The All and Sundry’s clever design means that it can sit flat and open or be folded in half to take up less space inside a backpack or suitcase.

Christmas gifts for the traveller crumpler all sundry flat

Shop the range of Crumpler All and Sundry Pouches.


Mizu V8 Hot/Cold Drink Bottle

Travelling is exhausting stuff so it’s really important to keep hydrated every day. The Mizu V8 is a top choice of water bottle because it can keep liquids both hot and cold thanks to its double insulated design. Its heavy-duty construction makes the V8 perfect for outdoor adventures like camping or hiking.

Christmas gifts for the traveller mizu V8 bottle

Buy the Mizu V8 Drink Bottle.


Lucky Camera Straps Wrist Strap

This one is for all of the travel photographers out there. These Lucky Wrist Straps are a great way to make sure a camera is always at the ready for all of those adventure shots. The adjustable slide buckle can be tightened to secure the camera firmly on the wrist, safeguarding it from dropping onto the ground. Made from two pieces of strong leather that have been stitched together, these wrist straps feel really comfortable to wear.

Christmas gifts for the traveller lucky camera wrist strap

Shop the range of Lucky Camera Straps Wrist Straps.


Ethnotek Raja Backpack

The Ethnotek Raja Laptop Backpack is high on our list of thoughtful Christmas gifts for the traveller. This backpack has a generous amount of room to fit all of the holiday essentials but also tells a beautiful story about different traditional cultures. Each Raja Backpack features a unique front panel called a THREAD™, which has been handcrafted by artisans from around the world. This means that every bag is one of a kind, making it a perfect gift idea. The Raja features plenty of organisation and storage capabilities, and the 840D ballistic nylon construction keeps gear heavily protected from the elements. This is a really lovely, practical gift for all of the socially-conscious wandering folk.

Christmas gifts for the traveller ethnotek raja backpack

Shop the range of Ethnotek Raja Backpacks.


Status Anxiety Conquest Passport Wallet

Ensure your favourite jet-setter travels in style with the Status Anxiety Conquest. This passport wallet is minimal and chic, made from premium Italian leather that will age beautifully with time. The Conquest Passport wallets are elegant Christmas gifts for the traveller and are available in three different colours. The bi-fold is compact enough to fit in a back pocket but can still carry all of the necessities like a passport, boarding pass, up to 6 cards and also some cash.

Christmas gifts for the traveller status anxiety passport wallet

Shop the range of Status Anxiety Conquest Passport Wallets.


Whether your friend or family member loves relaxing island getaways or roughing it in the great outdoors, we’re sure they’ll be happy with any of these presents in our guide. We’ve got plenty more fantastic Christmas gifts for the traveller in our store. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, hop on to Rushfaster.


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