Would you like to do your little bit to be more eco-conscious? By making some small changes in your everyday habits, you can start making a big impact on the environment. Stop using disposable items and replace them with reusable options that are much more sustainable. We’ve got some great products that can kickstart your environmentally friendly journey.


KeepCup Glass Reusable Cupkeepcup-glass-almond

At Rushfaster, we love tea and coffee but think that disposable cups are quite wasteful. Cafes churn through so many of these every day but there’s a better way to get your caffeine fix. Grab yourself a KeepCup and say no to paper cups! We’re crazy about the sleek and stylish tempered glass range. Each of these high-quality cups comes with the option of a cork or silicone band, and a great selection of lid colours to suit your style. Your barista will be proud the next time he prepares your latte in a reusable KeepCup.

Check out all the great KeepCup‘s at Rushfaster.


Frank Green Reusable SmartCup


Another fantastic reusable cup is the Frank Green Smartcup. The company’s philosophy is simple – design innovative products that are stylish, functional and good for the environment. The lid on all Frank Green cups has a clever, one-handed push button. This means that you can open and close your cup with ease and not have to worry about spilling your drink everywhere. What’s even cooler, though, is that you can use your cup to pay for your drink! Set up CaféPay to scan your cup at the register. Pretty cool, hey?

Have a look at the Frank Green SmartCup range.


Mizu Steel Drink Bottlemizu-black-water-bottle

Stop buying bottled water and save our oceans from all that floating plastic. Grab a durable Mizu Drink Bottle and start minimising all that waste. The M8 water bottle is incredibly lightweight and is super portable. Grab a carabiner to clip onto the lid and attach it to a backpack or tote bag when you’re heading to the gym or off for a long walk. They’ve been specifically designed with action sports in mind so they’ll definitely stand the test of time.

Keep the fluids up with a Mizu Steel Drink Bottle from Rushfaster.


Paper Saver Notebookpaper-saver-notebook-blk

Another fantastic home-grown product is the Paper Saver, a reusable notebook that makes use of one-sided printed paper. Offices are notorious for printing large amounts of documents and having tonnes of printed paper lying around.  Of course, it’s best not to print if you don’t absolutely need to. Sometimes it’s inevitable, though. So keep hold of those sheets because you can pop them into a neat little notebook that is stylish and won’t embarrass you in meetings. Simply insert some printed A4 sized paper into the faux-leather shell. Once it’s folded in half you’ll have an elegant and environmentally friendly notebook.

Start recycling all of that printed paper with the Paper Saver Notebook.

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