An ode to simplicity, the Bellroy Campus Backpack keeps its approach to carry solutions clean and classic. Although they aren’t shaking the industry up, Bellroy has put a lot into this stylish backpack, absorbing inspiration from everyday campus life.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 13

From perfect pocket placing, to premium and ethical materials, the Bellroy Campus Backpack aims straight for students who want something easy, unfussed and attractive as their trusty daily companion.

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Each material has been chosen to bring balance to the Bellroy Campus Backpack, reiterating the brand’s focus on using only premium quality and presenting reliable, high-value products. 

Bellroy Campus Backpack 12

The exterior fabric here is a sustainably produced soft-woven polyester, durable and lightweight with a soft waxed canvas feel to it. Other colourways may switch to Bellroy’s venture weave polyester, which is slightly more heavy duty material, but no less true to the brand’s vision. All models have remarkable detailing from environmentally certified, premium hide leather, dyed carefully so that the material ages gracefully.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 8

Scanning the front-face, there’s a notable Bellroy leather logo patch which smartly doubles as a bike light loop to enhance functionality. This flap here is simply aesthetic otherwise, and doesn’t conceal any compartments or zippers.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 9

Slightly to the side of the front-face, a quick-access compartment makes use of a durable and easy-to-pull YKK Aquaguard zip and rubber trap material to keep the contents safe from rain or any water splashes. Inside, you’ve also got Bellroy’s signature key-clip, which they include in almost all of their bags. An added slice of convenience, it’s used to keep keys secure and easily accessible.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 7

Flipping the bag over to the back reveals a plush panel with a combination of memory foam padding and a stretchy fabric, the same which is used on the thick, curved and wide-cut shoulder straps. Luscious in texture, this helps give the bag a silky soft feel against the back so comfort is guaranteed even when the load is heavy.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 4

In an effort to keep everything neat and kempt, Bellroy has used a lightweight metal for the shoulder strap tension locks. This keeps the slack on your shoulder straps tidy at all times, avoiding any annoying tangling for a seamless experience. Complementing this is Bellroy’s signature soft and wide nylon haul handles, sitting on the very top of the bag for easy pick up.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 10

A weather flap protects the main compartment’s zipper and prevents any water from getting inside of the bag. Opening that up reveals two main interior features, the first being a useful zippered mesh pocket used to store smaller bits and pieces like a snack bar, wallet or laptop charger. A stretchable mesh material is featured so you can put more cargo into this compartment if needed.

Bellroy Campus Backpack 11

Primarily, the bag’s interior has a protective laptop sleeve towards the back, wide enough to easily accommodate most 15” laptops. While the front compartment is larger for your main cargo, it’s this laptop sleeve that is the bag’s greatest achievement. The padded material on the edges and at the back have a beautiful, wool-like texture and the sleeve is actually suspended an inch or two above the base of the bag. This means that any accidental drops will be of no issue, since the suspension as well as the thick base will lessen any impact on your cargo

Bellroy Campus Backpack 3


At a 16-liter capacity and a weight of 650g, the Bellroy Campus Backpack is ideal for anyone in the market for a slick, mid-size carry solution perfect for school and university use. Although the backpack could easily be used in many other use cases, presenting a great daily companion that can be used on a casual bike ride, a long trip away, or a sunny beach day.

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